Deva Cassel is the protagonist of the new Sisley campaign

She is the face of the moment, Deva Cassel, and will be the protagonist of the new Sisley campaign. Rose is engulfed in flames. This is the symbol around which autumn-winter 2023 revolves.

A metaphor that combines delicacy and passion, romanticism and transgression, emphasizing the values ​​and aesthetic codes that have entered the history of the brand. Burning Rose takes place in a castle in the middle of the countryside, where a young woman is visited by a group of outsiders, including a boy with a dark and rebellious charm.

Along with Deva Cassel, the muse of famous designers, Luca Isaac, the French model represented by Kate Moss, is already the protagonist of the latest Sisley campaign.

“I feel comfortable in the image of Sisley: intimate and daring,” says Virgo, daughter of Monica Bellucci and actor Vincent Cassel. “We all have a light and a dark side. When I’m in front of a camera or video camera, I use both.” The photographs of Pierre-Ange Carlotti, the enfant of terrible Parisian fashion, tell a story of forbidden love in which meeting another person is the key to overcoming your fears and growing up. The images highlight items from the Fall-Winter 2023 collection, selected by stylist Helena Tejedor.

“I really liked the collection,” continues Deva, “especially the white coat was wonderful and very comfortable. Casual and elegant at the same time.” There’s also a faux leather jacket and animal print dress for her, a crewneck sweater and a faux leather biker jacket for him. The collection is dominated by denim, leather and black: cornerstones of the Sisley style, reinterpreted in a modern and urban way, with particular attention to the quality of materials and wearability. The Burning Rose campaign continues the journey of reinterpreting Sisley’s heritage in a modern way. This will be planned for online and offline media starting in September.

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