Developments in the separation of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, she seeks reconciliation



The couple that broke last year, has not hesitated to be seen in public because of the daughter they have in common after a rupture in the media and in an abrupt way. Some media are wondering if we are before a possible reconciliation on the part of the couple.

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The couple has shared custody of the little Read of Seine

Both were one of the couples most popular and most desired of the mecca of Hollywood. Their relationship began after that Irina ended her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo; but, for four years they lived their relationship with the utmost discretion.

The fruit of this relationship was born the little Read of the Seine that has become the center of the life of both. But, not for that reason forget that your relationship has not ended amicably, because, the rupture took place in the midst of rumors of infidelity that were related to own Cooper with his partner filming, Lady Gaga.

Since their split, the couple has tried to get along and maintain an excellent relationship for the sake of the small. In addition, the couple has shared custody so that they have to be, yes or yes.

For that reason, it has become quite usual that the ex-partner is let see together, especially when they are to be exchanged to the small which is the center of your life. But, it does not appear that their recent games are for other reasons.

Since the publication of a picture of the ex-partner in the past British Vogue Award, it has not been left to speculate about a possible reconciliation. According to sources close to the couple have spoken with the media ET, just a few weeks ago, Irina I was doing a photo session in the well-known studies Pier59… Something very normal if it were not for the fact that Bradley and the little girl came to see what made protagonizaran a picture very familiar.

The end: Shayk split with actor Bradley Cooper, 45, in June, after four years together; seen January 8, 2019 in NYC

It would be the Russian model which would have more interest in resuming the relationship, but the actor would not be for the work

According to a source very close to the couple in a statement to the magazine “Star”, the model is trying to reconcile with the father of her child, since he has not managed to forget it. Irina would very in love with the actor, but their relationship ended shortly after the birth of the small Read of Seine.

Despite what was said, in reality, their careers were at a point very high and led them to live in extreme totally opposite.

But, attempts on the part of the model they are not given the fruits the international model would be trying to get, because, he is the one who does not want reconciliation. Remember that it has always been spoken of possible infidelities on the part of the actor during his relationship and would be focused on his career.