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Dgcine reports filming of foreign audiovisual productions for more than 11 billion pesos

According to a report delivered to Free Journal, by the press office of the General Directorate of Cinema (Dgcine), between January 1 and August 10, fifty film projects have been filmed in the country.

The total budgets approved for the filming of feature films, short films, television commercials, documentaries or animation, under article 34 of incentive to local cinema established in Law 108-10, amounts to more than one billion pesos, from of 17 films that made use of the aforementioned article, while the reality show Dominicana’s Got Talent obtained article 39, an incentive to foreign investment for the realization of its second season. Eight projects rolled did not apply to the legislation.

The approved budgets that benefited from the benefits of the article 34 of the Cinema Law are “The joke of justice” (drama); “World of imagined islands” (animation); “20 billion” (documentary); “Flow calle” (drama). The budget for the documentary “Tales of sugar and wheat (food anthropology); “Paradise for two” (Romance); “100 years in motion” (documentary); “Republic of the ball” (documentary), “Beltré on the way to Cooperstown” (documentary); “Disappeared” (drama); Republic of the ball II ”(documentary).

They complete the list of national productions “La familia” (comedy); “Badges of honor or the third frontier” (drama); “Tales of rice and corn” (documentary); “Morenas” (documentary); “The conquest of a recluse” (drama). The reality show Dominicana’s Got Talent, with article 39, applied as a television series.

The following projects did not apply to the incentives, however, they are part of the inventory of the General Directorate of Cinema. The list is made up of “Reality street flow”, “La luz de la Navidad” (adventure) ”; “A passage without return” (short film); “The island” (drama); “Summer Bon TV-reedes commercial”; “New Toyota Corolla Cros” (TV commercial); “Don Alex” (action) and “Nube de arena” (short film). The amount approved for was RD $ 1, 004,698, 718.45.

International filming

The country this year has received prominent celebrities who have come to the country to film films in which they have assumed stellar roles, among others Jennifer López, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Walbergh and Vin Diesel.

Article 39 that encourages foreign investment in the country through cinema, attracted seven productions that took advantage of the benefits, the rest did not apply, but the approved budget was RD $ 11, 094, 270,754. 25. (more than eleven billion pesos).

Filmed between January 1 and August 10, “Arthur the King” (drama); the reality show “Survivor México”; “Exalton Hungary”; “Exalton USA”; “Survivor Greece”; “Survivor Romania” and “Survivor Turkia”.

The television series “Leopard skin”, as well as the action comedy “Shotgun Wedding” were also filmed on Dominican soil. The Directorate General of Cinema also approved the filming of the television series “Survivor Nordic countries”, which includes Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway and Sweden. In addition, the action-romance film “Lost City of D”, as well as the television series “Angels Vacation S4 (Anges Vacation S4). and the third season of the series “The family Chantel”.

The recording of promotions for the Dream Macao and Secrets Royal Punta Cana hotels. The documentaries “Ocean explorers”; “Ocean X digital impact”; “Can you see me: recruitment”, and “The interview”. The producers of the reality show “Married at first sight” also chose the country to shoot their television proposal.

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias also visited the country to film his video clip “Me pasé”. The list of projects is completed by the documentary “Rudi”, the television series “Numerous families-Life in the sun”; “The conqueror of the end of the world s17”; “Isle of temptations,” Ik vertrek (I’m leaving); the fifth season of “Tahiti quest”. Also, the short film / documentary Fighting words ”and“ The dolphin rider ”.


The approval of the Law for the Promotion of the Film Industry in the country has shown its strength, however, and despite the results, a movement has been initiated that seeks to modify it to grant a greater benefit to foreign investment, to the detriment of the local production.

For this purpose, talks have been held, but nothing concrete has yet been agreed in this regard. The local film industry is a reality. This year, for example, the numbers are overwhelming, despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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