Di María does not forget a Central Rosary that is excited

El Fideo made it clear that returning to El Canalla “is always in one’s head” and spoke of Vecchio’s assertion that he would return to the club after the Qatar World Cup.

DI Maria

Angel Di Maria spoke that Thursday about the always latent chance to return to Rosario Central, fired in recent days by the declarations of Emiliano Vecchio ensuring that it would take place after the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Today, in dialogue with TNT, the Fideo acknowledged: “Central is always there present, I have it as the most desired moment for me, to be able to go to retire to Central. Not only to retire but to go when I am still well and feel in fullness so that I can give him everything he gave me. “

The PSG footballer continued: “But this is football and many times I said I was there and things happened so that I am still here, but it is something that I have in mind, plus the messages from friends and family. How is it now? Argentina with insecurity makes you think and reflect and gives you those fears, but the heart pulls a lot and that is why it is always in one’s head“.

Di María, Vecchio’s sayings about his return to Rosario Central and Marco Ruben’s record

“I talk to him, I saw that he had said that, that he would surely come back after the World Cup, but we had not spoken anything, he threw it for throwing“, he counted between laughs.

In addition, Di María congratulated the rogue team and especially the institution’s new historical scorer, with 99 conquests. “It makes me happy because they are in a good present in Central, Argentine football has ups and downs but it is like that, and on the other hand I take off my hat for Marco, overcome that record of goals with so much sacrifice, I shared a dressing room with him and He deserved it more than anyone. It will be very difficult for someone to overcome it because it is a very high number of goals for Argentine and Central football, a team where you score goals but it is difficult. “

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