Di María, in depth: his future at PSG, Messi, Mbappé and more

The Fideo, without mincing the tongue, touched on all the issues. From the future of the French sprinter at Paris Saint-Germain, going through the current situation of Leo in the French capital, until his departure from Real Madrid.

DI Maria

After the stop by FIFA date, Angel Di Maria you are not counting on the desired number of minutes in the Paris Saint-Germain. He went from being an immovable piece in the starting eleven to Mauricio Pochettino to see from the bench the beginnings of matches after the return of the Parisian trident composed of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. Of all that, and much more, the Fideo referred to in an interview he gave with the French program Rothen from RMC Sport.

“When we have three players like this, it is normal for a coach to put them in, because they are the best on the pitch. They have won what they have won and they are what they are. Leo is different from the rest. He is the best player in the world and He always shows it on the field. Then I try to be at the best level, give my best to be in the eleven. These are the coach’s decisions and I try to do my best to give complementary options. “, began by explaining the champion of the Copa América 2021 with the Argentine National Team about the offensive trident of the French capital team and his vision about the lack of minutes that he is suffering.

Then, Angelito pointed out about Leo’s situation in the French capital and assured: “Yes, he is happy. Her family adjusts well, her children have fun at school. You have already found a home. He has adapted well with the people of the club. It is normal in football to need time to adapt. It has not been easy for him, he had all his life in Barcelona. New home, new school for his children… For someone who tries to change all the time it is easy, but not for him. He had his whole life in the same place. But he is happy, which is the most important thing ”, and then give his opinion on whether the Rosario star deserves to lift the much-touted Ballon d’Or for the seventh time: “Yes I think so. He has had a very important year in his career. Winning the America’s Cup with his country are really things that have finally come to the national team. For that very reason it deserves it long ”.

DI Maria and Messi

Likewise, the ex-Rosario Central and Benfica were encouraged to talk about the future of Kylian Mbappé in the French entity and revealed if in the dressing room they have tried to persuade him to renew with the club: “No, the reality is that this kind of thing is a personal decision. Kylian knows what direction he wants to give to his life, to his playing career. Obviously we would like to tell him to renew, not to leave, but they are personal decisions. It is a gift to have the opportunity to play with him. We know that any ball that we put deep into him is going to be used to score. It is really impressive. The connection I have had with him is really good and to be able to play with players like that is extraordinary ”.

Later, the languid Argentine striker took up the floor about his repeated substitutions at PSG and declared that he wants to renew his link with the institution for at least one more season: “I have an extra season if both I and PSG agree. On my part, and with my age, my goal is to leave through the front door, happy. I already left Real Madrid badly in a bad way after having won the Champions League, in Manchester it was similar. If I have to go back to Argentine football, I hope to go out through the front door of a great club like PSG “.

Consequently, and along the same lines, Di María referred to his position within the field of play and warned that he does not have any inconvenience of playing as a midfielder again, as he did at Real Madrid with Carlo Ancelotti and in a season at the Paris club: “I think I have already shown that I can play in midfield. It was also my best year at Real Madrid in 2014. The coach knows I can play there, but they are decisions of the coach. He is here to make us better on the pitch regardless of position. The only thing I have done since I joined PSG has been to do my best. In 2014 I played in the middle and I felt very good, in addition, with players like Verratti, Gueye or Paredes I could complement me ”.

Say Maria Mbappé

Finally, the Albiceleste attacker who has played in Ligue 1 defending the colors of PSG since 2015 was full of praise for Thomas Tuchel, who knew how to be the main strategist of the Parisian team from 2018 to 2020: “The first season with Tuchel was one of the best seasons for me in a season that marked me a lot. In my first season with Blanc, I was good too. There is only one player who does not have ups and downs and that is Messi. We try to be the best even when we have ups and downs ”.

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