“DI4RI” Actors Reveal Who They Like: That’s Who They Are!

The actors and actresses of “DI4RI” revealed who they are most in love with… Let’s find them out together!

The first 7 episodes of the second season “DI4RIis finally out and we’ve fallen in love with the entire cast all over again (including the new songs!). Despite the fact that they are famous now, the actors and actresses of the series still hide some little secrets that not everyone knows about yet (and you can find out a lot on the Netflix DopoScuola YouTube channel!). For example, you know what their greatest love is? No? Don’t worry*, we’ll tell you!

In a new video released by Netflix, Andrea Arru and Co. reveal who they are in love with*. For example, he really likes Selena Gomez. But what did his fellow travelers say instead? Pietro Sparvoli (who plays Mirko) loves the actress very much Greta ScaranoBye Biagio Venditti (Daniele) is in love with Esther Exposito, that is, Carla from “EliteBye Liam Nicolosi (Giulio) chose the iconic one Zendaya.

Myth about Flavia Leone (Livia), but in the acting field she Christoph Waltz, outstanding Austrian actor and director. However, at the level of “heavy hobby” his choice falls on Brad Beatt AND Leonardo DiCaprio. Francesca La Cava (Arianna) loves it very much Jacob Elordi (you remember him in “Euphoria“?) Bye Federica Francellitti (Monica) reaches for Ian Somerhalder (Damon from “The Vampire Diaries“). Tom Holland, Timothée Chalamet, Anne Hathaway and Zendaya – choice of Sofia Nicolini (Isabelle) until new entry Relative flame (Bianca) I really like them Uma Thurman AND Matteo Paolillo.

In short, I’m looking forward to watching the last episodes of the second season.”DI4RI” is coming to Netflix soon – so we made a really interesting discovery. It really seems that way the biggest loves of the actors of the series… They are a little like ours! You like them too, right?!

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