Diabetes patients should create a family meal plan during the holidays

It is recommended not to stop visiting your doctor, not to stop taking your medications and to establish a plan in which you balance your food.

Dra. Marielly Sierra – Board Certified Endocrinologist ”with private practice in Cayey and Santurce.

During these festivities end of the year, patients with diabetes are one of the most affected due to the change in diet in which several carbohydrates.

It should be noted that patients with diabetes type 1 differ from type 2 in their treatment, because they only use insulin, while type 2 patients take pills and in some cases also use insulin in order to level blood glucose levels.

For the doctor Marielly sierra who is a “Board Certified” Endocrinologist with private practice in Cayey and Santurce, the key to obtaining a good diet for diabetic patients is in the balance between the three main nutrients that are carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables.

According to Dr. Sierra, a person with diabetes can consume carbohydrates complex, which are those of an organic and integral type. However, those who should not consume are the carbohydrates refined products, such as bakery sweets, refined flours, white breads, and sweetener drinks.

During this time, patients should not neglect the use of their insulin or your pills, since having irregular blood sugar levels can lead to a diabetic coma.

Some people even think that after consuming so many carbohydrates and fats, you can increase the levels of insulin, which on some occasions, if the doctor decides so, is valid. However, it is not the best option because this change could lower blood glucose to non-recommended levels causing even a hypoglycemia that can take you to an emergency room.

Now although in Puerto Rico have a wide variety of desserts and sweets for this season, some of them exceed the recommended amount of sugars, such as rice with sweet coconut and tembleque, but according to Dr. Marielly, these can be consumed in a controlled way.

The importance of family support is fundamental, for this reason both the patient and their relatives should receive education about what this disease is and how they can cope with it.

In this case, what the specialist recommends is to create a family plan, which includes few desserts or that these are distributed during these days of party.

Regarding the consumption of alcohol, It is not recommended in this class of patients, however, you should consult your doctor beforehand if you are suitable or not to consume it, since in some cases with the consumption of certain medications it can create an adverse reaction in the patient.

If your doctor allows it, it is recommended that you consume “light” drinks, since they contain less carbohydrates as the beer and the whiskey, clearly without reaching excesses, since the whiskey it tends to be a very strong drink for the kidneys.

Finally, Dr. Mariely recommends that you do not stop visiting your doctor at this time, do not stay without taking your medications and establish a plan in which balance is the axis so that the diabetic patient can enjoy these festivities.

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