Diario de Cuyo – Pharmacist under investigation for falsifying medical certificates to avoid going to work

Her name is Melisa Díaz, she is 35 years old, she is a pharmacist, a university professor and works at the Julieta Lanteri Hospital (former Zonda Mental Hospital). It got into trouble because, as of yesterday, it was officially the target of a criminal investigation into allegedly using a seal and forging the signature of a doctor on leave, preparing three medical certificates justifying a four-day absence, one for severe gastroenteritis and poisoning. imaginary picture of .

Yesterday, Prosecutor Francisco Pizarro and Assistant Prosecutor Ignacio Domínguez (UFI Special Crimes Unit) asked to guarantee Judge Matías Parrón ) within three months to investigate her for using a false private document. In addition, he complied with certain conduct rules, such as establishing an address, agreeing not to obstruct the investigation and reporting once a month to the police station closest to his home in Sarmiento.

The case was condemned at the Third Investigative Court, but there they argued that they could not intervene and referred everything to the accusation system. The Justice Department’s claim also includes a Dec. 27 complaint from another doctor at the Julieta Lanteri hospital that Diaz may have used the seal and forged a signature to self-prescribe a drug deemed a narcotic. Psychotropic drugs. To this end, Prosecutor Pizarro asked the federal court to investigate this possible criminal conduct, which Judge Palen settled.

However, the prosecutor’s office decided to investigate the case of “false” certification by a psychiatrist who reported the incident on January 18. While the professional was on vacation abroad, Langtree Hospital informed her that there was a medical certificate bearing her stamp and alleged signature certifying that Diaz had been absent from work for 48 hours since January 4, citing “gastroenteritis “Serious and intoxicated.” When the doctor returned, she found two other certificates, each 24 hours old, dated January 11 and 12.

Yesterday, on the advice of its defense lawyer Mario Padilla, the pharmaceutical company refused to provide a version of the facts. However, from Diaz’s circumstances, they say that January was really sick, and at some point she was a patient of a psychiatrist.

Comparing what the pharmacist wrote with what was written in the certificate is the key to confirming whether he forged it.

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