Día’s New Frozen Mochi Is a Revolution This Summer

Patricia de la Torre

With the arrival of this summer, a refreshing and sweet revolution in the world of ice cream, Día, one of the most famous supermarket chains, has surprised its customers with an innovative offering of “ice cream mochi” in its products. Conquering the palates of the most discerning palates, this new trend caused a stir and became an instant summer delight.

Its new frozen mochi, available in mango and coconut flavors, are economical choice (€2.99) allows consumers to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience without breaking too much on their pockets. This strategy has been successful because it appeals to those looking for quality and looking for affordable prices.

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Daily mochi. my magazine.

These blissful bites feature a thin layer of glutinous rice dough wrapped around them, while delicious creamy fruit ice cream hides inside. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect combination to beat the summer heat and satisfy your sweetest cravings.

We tried the coconut one and we are hooked.

Daily mochi. my magazine.

How to Make Your Own Mochi

For those who like to cook and want to personalize their desserts, the official Día website has recipes for chocolate lovers to make mochi at home and experiment with different fillings and toppings.

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Supermarket chain Día signs vegan agreement

This summer, Día added a vegan option to its ice cream offerings, which is highly valued by consumers who are increasingly conscious of their diet and the environment. This inclusion not only responds to current trends, but demonstrates the brand’s willingness to adapt to market demands and satisfy all customers.

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