DiCaprio “spotted” aboard a Fiat? This is the truth…

Leonardo Dicaprio. full star You can’t imagine him driving a car like a normal person…

Till now we all must have seen some or the other movie at least once in our life. Leonardo Dicaprio. The extraordinary American actor has proved to be a true expert in his field and that is why he continues to be appreciated across the globe.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted on Fiat

That’s why Leonardo DiCaprio rode in a Fiat (Source: Ansa Photo)

For many years it seemed that he was beset by a curse that prevented him from winning an Oscar, but he eventually managed to snatch even the most valuable award from his career. di caprio For some time, he has not only worked as an actor, but he has also been discussed in many areas.

It is one of the characters that the general public is most familiar with in the fight against environmental awareness. Furthermore, it is very easy to see it in various advertisements, which now represent a large portion of one’s economic income.

di caprio In the past they already had the opportunity to cooperate directly fiat, In fact he was the face of the launch of the new Electric 500. Now, however, the Turin house intends to continue the happy collaboration with the star once again. Hollywood.

Fiat’s flagship car of the future will undoubtedly be the 600, a new SUV that will once again see the Leo as the protagonist. They recently spotted her for the first images of the new ad, but is it really her?

Leonardo DiCaprio for Fiat 600 ad: just a stand-in

video that will sponsor Fiat 600 they built it in a beautiful location tricase, in the province of Lecce. So Salento is once again the stage to be able to exalt the beauties and Italian excellences Fiat.

Fiat 600, Location in Tricase

Fiat 600, DiCaprio’s stunt double in a tricase (Source: Autoparreri)

So that’s why the ad was shot from the vivid red 600 and the stage “self-esteem” Had the opportunity to find the first photos. Enthusiasts have undoubtedly noticed the car’s features, which have a particular novelty with respect to the rear and side lines of the car.

The somewhat squared off shape is also in a certain way reminiscent of the old Fiat Stylo and in the photo you can also see a very pronounced spoiler in full BMW style. In the picture you can also see some of the heroes who will be shooting on the spot despite the excitement in Tricase for a possible appearance di caprio Bad news has come.

The portion filmed in the Apulian town only saw the appearance of his stunt double, and unfortunately we’re not even in it. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” where it was played Brad Pitt. di caprio Although he was once again confirmed as the face of Fiat, his scenes would take place in New York. Hence the new 600 which is back in the market is all set to establish itself in this new B-SUV variant. With the image of a film legend like Leo, there is no doubt that the sales will pick up.

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