DiCaprio was about to be replaced

There are films that have gone down in the history of world cinema. Titanic is definitely one of them. The famous film starring Leonardo DiCaprio continues to captivate the general public with thousands of curiosities floating around this film that we are unlikely to forget.

Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Incredible Backstory Revealed

It would have been the same film and he would have wanted the same success if Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t he there? For more than half of the female audience, the actor made an impression with his presence. Today he is a Hollywood star, but at the time he was just a rising star who was nevertheless very well suited for the role Jack Dawsonat least for the director James Cameron. And the public seemed to appreciate this choice so much that after this film Leonardo’s success practically exploded.

However, not everyone knows that the actor seriously risked being thrown out of the set and therefore replaced by another contender. It was right James Cameron to show that it wasn’t long before the 22-year-old actor was kicked off the set. Cause? He refused to read and study the script carefully and rehearse the scene several times. The lazy boy attitude that Cameron didn’t like.


However, the director admitted that the first meeting with the actor was fun, because he understood that many women were eager to meet Leo, he was very courted even in the team. Cameron wasn’t entirely convinced by the audition.

Leonardo DiCaprio was about to be kicked off the set

When they were rehearsing Leonardo for Titanic, Kate Winslet has already been cast Rose DeWitt Bukater, The director actually says that Leo was surprised, he thought he just needed to create the right feeling with his Rose when the director asked him to rehearse a few lines in front of the camera instead. However, when Cameron suggested it to him, DiCaprio didn’t react well. He had no intention of reading the script and simply greeted him and thanked him for coming: for the sake of the director, he might as well have left.

When the actor realized that he was playing with fire and could miss a great opportunity, he immediately replied:

“Wait, wait, wait. If I don’t read, will I not get the role? Just?”.

The director was immediately honest with Leo: he was going to create a film that would take him a long time to create, about two years, and also to refine in post-production. It was supposed to be the best film of his career, but he couldn’t ruin it due to lack of commitment.

When filming began, Leo completely identified with Jack. Their chemistry was explosive, they could only be the main characters.

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