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Did Jennifer Lopez return the car he gave her to Alex Rodríguez?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez broke up in April of this year. Photo: AFP.

Everything seems to indicate that Jennifer Lopez He returned to Alex Rodríguez, who is his ex-partner, an expensive gift that he gave him when they were still dating.

This Wednesday, Rodríguez shared an image on his Instagram account in which he appears in front of several cars, including a red Porsche convertible, just like the one he gave the singer a few months ago for her 50th birthday.

When they were still in a relationship, they both posted a video with their respective children, while they were driving the luxury car through the neighborhood where they lived.

So far the artist has not confirmed that she has returned the car to her ex-partner, but everything seems to indicate that it is the same car.

For its part, the TMZ site revealed that Jennifer Lopez did not return the expensive ring Alex gave her when he asked him to marry her.

At the time, several US media said that this ring was worth between 36 and 100 million pesos.

These rumors come days after the singer erased all traces of her ex-partner from social networks.

Alex Rodríguez talked about how he is without Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez They made their breakup official last April and finally the businessman spoke about how he is without the famous.

Rodríguez revealed in an interview for the medium Entertainment tonight that his courtship with the singer was “amazing” So what “everything happens for a reason”.

“I had five years of an incredible life and also with my daughters, we learned a lot. And now we have the opportunity to take advantage of that and go ahead and say: You know what? We are very grateful for the last five years. “explained the former baseball player.

The athlete assured that he feels deeply grateful for all his experiences and that learned many lessons.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez lasted more than four years together and their breakup was announced in April of this year, after they got engaged in March 2019.

Jennifer Lopez is currently officially dating actor Ben Affleck, with whom she had already had a courtship more than a decade ago and with whom she has said that she is very happy today.

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