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Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin make fun of Mexicans?


Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey baldwin They are again in the eye of the hurricane. The reason? be racist.

Yes, you read that right. The couple was accused of being racists for making fun of Mexicans and Cubans on their social networks.

Although in the past Justin He regretted being so racist and even apologized for hurting so many people, he did it again.


Through their social networks, Biber’s wife and he would have made a racist comment on the Instagram platform with thousands of his followers as witnesses.

It was all laughter and fun because the fans of Biber they made fun of their looks to be at home. However things changed drastically after Hailey baldwin make racist comparisons.

Baldwin commented that her husband looked like “a Cuban capo” or “a Mexican narco”, a fact that did not cause surprise in Bieber as he seconded his wife, since Besides laughing, he imitated the stereotype of Mexicans and Cubans.

In addition to it Hailey bieber, she said that her husband looked like Fidel Castro as a joke

Later on social media, they accused Biber to foment racism, and even They called him a hypocrite because the artist’s new album is called Justice which focuses on the injustices of the world. In this regard, the couple’s fans expressed themselves by Twitter repudiating their actions:

‘This silly and racist couple using stereotypes again’, ‘Of course Mexicans and Cubans can only be narcos’, ‘Will this woman have an idea who Fidel Castro was?’, Were the comments against the couple.


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