Did They Kick Her Out of the House? Ellen Degeneres Is Now a Roommate of Courteney Cox in Luxurious Mansion

Ellen DeGeneres temporarily moved in with Courteney Cox.

The television presenter, who is used to the great luxuries, has been a roommate of the famous ‘Friends’ actress in the Malibu area for a few weeks

The presenter Ellen DeGeneres, 63, has had a very busy 2020 and 2021 in the real estate world, having finalized the sale of several of her properties, including the one that used to live with Portia de Rossi, his wife, in the Beverly Hills area.

The sale of that property caused the television personality to go out in search of a temporary home, which led her to move in with Courteney Cox, actress of ‘Friends’.

Ellen shared this anecdote during the most recent edition of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she clarified that her move to the Malibu area was not due to problems in her marriage, but that she simply needed a roof to sleep.

“I must explain. I am not having marriage problems. I’m not living with Courteney Cox because I was kicked out of my house. We sold our house in Beverly Hills and I needed a place to stay, ”commented the comedian.

It is for that reason that a few days ago Courteney and Ellen became roommates in the luxurious home that the talented actress bought more than 10 years ago and from which, she says, she will never move, despite the fact that she bought it while it was still there. married to David Arquette, whom she divorced in 2013.

“It is a house that I will never move from. It is really special for me ”, declared the actress at the time.

What is Courteney Cox’s mansion in Malibu like?

Courteney Cox is passionate about interior decorating, which led her to hire famed architect Michael Kovac to take over the remodeling and modernization of her home, and in 2017 she got rid of all the furniture that I no longer wanted in a sale open to the public.

According to what is seen in various images and videos, the property, which also had Ed Sheeran as a roommate, has a lobby, two kitchens, a breakfast room, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, games room, office, among other rooms.

Outside it has extensive green areas, a swimming pool with a spa area, fireplace, barbecue area, guest house, tennis court, among other amenities.

It also has access to the sea, since the mansion is located a very short distance from the beach, so the views from the place are simply spectacular.

This was his Beverly Hills mansion,

Ellen sold her Beverly Hills mansion for $ 47 million, although she was originally asking $ 53.5 million for it.

The two-story Tudor-style home has an area of ​​10,376 square feet, with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

It also has an entrance hall, two gourmet kitchens, a dining room with a bar, a living room, the main room, a family room, a TV room, a gym, wine cellar, among other rooms.

Outside it has a totally independent guest house, with extensive green areas, a swimming pool, a spa, a tennis court, a golf green, a fireplace, a kitchen, a grill, and a pizza oven.