Did you know that Cempasúchil flowers have medicinal properties?

One of the protagonists of the celebration day of the dead It’s him west pasuchirIt is one of the indispensable flowers that can be used both as decoration and as an important element in offerings.Marigold is a flower native to Mexico and its name Derived from the Nahuatl word “Cempohualxochil” What does it mean “Twenty Flowers” anyone”several flowers. “

In pre-Hispanic times, Mexicans assimilated the flower’s characteristic orange color with sunlight, which is why they used it on altars and tombs to commemorate the dead. According to current tradition, a path of marigold flowers must be laid at the main entrance of Day of the Dead to guide the souls of our loved ones who visit us during these days. Also, don’t throw them away!5 ways to reuse marigold petals

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Few people know that this “flower of death” can also give life, as Cempasúchil has a wide range of medicinal properties. Get to know them!

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Medicinal properties of Sipasuccinic acid

Relieve gastrointestinal problems: Recommended for treating stomach pain, intestinal parasites, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, colic, gas and vomiting.
Analgesic effect: It can effectively prevent and treat toothache and various colic pains.
Treat respiratory infections: Treats cough, fever, flu and bronchitis.
Finally, other diseases and/or conditions: Recommended for people with liver disease. Likewise, it is recommended for menstrual cramps and postpartum bathing.

notes: It should be noted that pets (mainly dogs) should not eat it.

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