Did you know the health benefits of freezing temperatures?

Intense cold therapy on the body can have huge health benefits for the person receiving the treatment.Cryotherapy is a treatment that brings a sense of well-being to patients Release endorphins and increase energy, In addition to stimulating metabolic activity and burning calories.

Being exposed to -110°C helps reduce inflammation and pain caused by sports injuries. It can also improve the appearance of skin, relieve acne or atopic dermatitis, and promote more restful sleep.At Olympia, they are pioneers in cryotherapy with ICE-LAB Pro: “With this therapy “We look for local reductions in heat or systemic responses throughout the organism,” explains Dr. Manuel Leyes, Head of Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery Services at Olympia Quirónsalud.

The application can be local, applied to one part of the body, or systemic, applied to the entire body. There are a variety of techniques and methods used to achieve these reactions, Adapt to the goals the patient seeks. In any case, the so-called systemic effects lead to “the release of endorphins, which provide a good feeling,” experts note.

“The release of endorphins provides a feel-good effect”

This treatment is suitable for many cases. It is used to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, and trigeminal neuralgia. also, Athletes are also advised to undergo severe cold treatment Overload and trauma, after surgery and during recovery from muscle, tendon or ligament injuries.

This is the program

The patient was not immediately exposed to the cold. The temperatures of the first and second chambers are -10° and -60° respectively, They help patients adapt to their environment. The third temperature does reach -110°C, and users can stay in it for up to 3 minutes. In a nutshell, Olympia’s ICE-LAB Pro uses a whole-body cold compress system through which the patient or athlete is exposed to three temperature changes in decreasing order of magnitude.

“It is a multi-room room of about 18 square meters. It consists of three chambers with different temperatures, -10°C and -60°C allow the body to adapt for 20 seconds “Before entering the main room, which is at -110°C, the patient will remain there for a maximum of 3 minutes,” details Dr. Leyes.

“The patient will remain in the room at -110°C for a maximum of 3 minutes”

This successful therapy is based on the “stimulus-response-adaptation” principle of the organism to physical factors. According to the expert, it is also commonly used to optimize athletic performance and treat post-training stress and physical exhaustion. “Some athletes use cryotherapy to speed muscle recovery after strenuous exercise, Because exposure to cold can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve athletic performance. After receiving this therapy, reactive vasodilation occurs, increasing blood flow to the treated area, thereby improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen and aiding muscle recovery. ” said the expert.

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