Didier Deschamps: This time he canceled his appearance on a show because of … Jamel Debbouze!


Because of an exit from the comedian, the coach of the France Team had decided not to come on this show.

It has been several years since Karim Benzema is no longer in the French team. His club performances are not in question since the striker shines from season to season with Real Madrid.

Number 9 is paying the consequences of the Mathieu Valbuena sex-tape affair but also this release in the Spanish newspaper which made a lot of noise in June 2016. To the question of “whether Didier Deschamps is racist, as Eric Cantona suggests “, the 33-year-old footballer replied” No, I do not think so “, before specifying:” Deschamps gave in under pressure from a racist part of France. You should know that in France the party of extreme right arrived in the second round of the last elections. But I do not know if it is an individual decision of Didier, because I get along well with him, and with the president. I get along well with everyone “.

“A red line” has been crossed according to the words of Philippe Tournon, the former press officer for the Blues who were questioned by 20 Minutes. He even claims to have seen him on the verge of tears, because of this incident.

Philippe Tournon, who publishes La vie en bleu, shared a rather surprising anecdote.

“We are before the World Cup in Russia, Didier agreed to the program ‘Au Tableau’ on C8 to answer children’s questions. Until the day when he got wind through his huge network of informants that Jamel Debbouze in the previous show gave a nice little wink to say ‘Didier, it would be good to take Karim’. But for him, it was already too much, ” he said.

The coach then let go: “You saw what Jamel said, we cancel everything”.