DiDi’s plans to be the cheapest app and compete in new services

DiDi wants to establish itself as the cheapest mobility app in the country. But it is just one of the plans of Juan Andrs Panam, DiDi’s local CEO, who with only 33 years and an experience worthy of a local business veteran.

The world’s largest Chinese mobility app This weekend is its first year of operations in the country, where it invested $ 2.5 billion and already accounts for more than 1.6 million monthly trips.

In dialogue with The chronicler During his visit to Buenos Aires after a year of running the company remotely due to the pandemic, this young Mexican graduated from the University of Michigan with an MBA in Singapore, explained the DiDi’s plans to start a new stage in the country.

Greater penetration in the AMBA and new business lines such as DiDi Food, a segment of loans and payments and even offer the real-time monitoring and analysis system of transport behavior that they have for governments to use in their mobility designs.; are the next steps.

What did you leave this first year of service in Argentina?

First a huge surprise for the success we had. Since DiDi’s launch in Argentina, we have invested $ 2.5 billion and in one year there are already more than 1.6 million Argentines who use the app to get around every week. Only in the AMBA there are 3 million downloads of our platform and the drivers generated revenues of $ 7,000 million since the launch.

Do drivers join to supplement jobs or is it their only income?

The number of people who made at least one trip driving with DiDi is equivalent to almost 10% of the unemployment rate in Greater Buenos Aires. A driver today generates an average of $ 122,000 per month (out of pocket) for 8 hours, in 5 days a week. Thought of as salary, it is an important income. It is 39% higher than the average salary in the economy. In addition, earnings generated per hour grew on average 63% between January and September, that is, 26 percentage points above inflation in that period.

Is there a confrontation with taxi drivers as with other applications?

No, on the contrary. We have Taxi with 15,000 registered taxi drivers. And it is a growing segment that serves them as well as users. From January to October, the number of taxi rides grew on average 119% and the number of taxi drivers using the app today is on average 69% higher than in January.

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DiDi is legal and pays taxes?

When entering the country with Taxi and being in conversations from the beginning with the authorities to regulate the industry, the dialogue changed a lot. We have to be very clear. is a technology company, like streaming or music. The digital service of putting a passenger in contact with a driver, establishing a price for each trip, is not regulated in Argentina. We want to operate in a regulated and orderly manner. Regulating this service by putting the 1.6 million passengers who are mobilized and the 125,000 drivers who feed their families driving with the app at the center is a challenge for the country.

What projects do you have?

Greater penetration in AMBA and implement new business lines. We will launch DiDi food and we are working on what could be a future fintech, to launch loans and payments. We also want to contribute with the large amount of data we have on mobility, with monitoring systems and real-time analysis of transport behavior. In many cities around the world where we operate, all this information is on a platform that we share with governments for the design of smart cities. We are going to offer it in Buenos Aires.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Inflation is a challenge, especially due to the impact on the automotive market. With affordable prices and credits, drivers will have a better fleet and prices that are convenient for everyone.

Why is there such a difference between the price of DiDi trips and other apps?

This was our first year of operations and we made an effort with aggressive promotional strategies to boost the brand, even absorbing costs that drivers did not pay.

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