Die child that she was caring for her mom with coronavirus in State of Mexico


State of Mexico.- The small Juan Eduardo who had just turned 14 years of age and is dedicated to work from home and take care of his mom who was diagnosed with coronavirusdied electrocuted.

For more than 20 days, Juan Eduardo was the slope of his mother, was cared for and fed, however when Adriana began to recover, his son died unfortunately.

Adriana explained that yesterday evening, felt ill, had trouble breathing, so had to be moved to a hospitalbut the kid wanted to stay home and fell a heavy rain which caused the water to get to your house.

According to neighbors, they saw the child sweep and told him that if he helped, but he said he could only, apparently the child turned on the pump for the cistern and electrocutó.

While Adriana was in the hospital, he was informed that he had come out of the critical phase and contagious coronavirus, and therefore expected to go out with craving to be able to hug your child, as days passed I had just turned 14 years of age.

José Eduardo was devoted to caring for her mother, she claimed that if she something happened, he died.

My son said to me: I’ll stay with you

Noted Adriana.

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“I am not going to forget you said: Not a mom with this disease if you die what am I going to do, no mommy I am dying with you, we die together, and she came with me and it’s something that I’m going to thank I will be very grateful with that, always”

Mentioned Adriana yesterday afternoon.

It should be noted that adriana is ex officio a taxi driver and spread of coronavirus, it is unknown how he got it, because before they feel sick, moved to a number of passengers sick, and some of the flu, others with a cough.

When he had to enter quarantine, for being head of family, had to send their relatives to their four children, but Juan Eduardo decided to stay with her, because the parents of Adriana live in the province.

José Eduardo celebrated 14 years last Wednesday, and although at first I was sad because I was going to be alone, began to congratulate colleagues of your mom and friends, even the Foundation Delos brought him a cake and a gift.

“This year it was different because he spent his birthday he and I, alone, that was the great birthday that was my child, the licensing Carlos Mata of the Foundation Delos and his wife, Zulma I did get a gift and a cake, it was priceless truth, that smile and that face”

Said Adriana.

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