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Tv8 proposes the film entitled Dangerous ambitions. It is a thriller film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2022 and the duration is one hour and 27 minutes.

Dangerous ambitions movie actors

Dangerous ambitions film – director, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by David Benullo. Main protagonists are Claudia And Sadie interpreted respectively by Maeve Quinlan And Revell Carpenter. Also in the cast Madison Crawford in the role of Lexi.

Filming took place in Americaespecially a Boston and neighboring areas in the territory of the Massachusetts.

The production is of Dawn’s Light in collaboration with Mar Vista Entertainment And Lifetime Television.

The film is internationally known under the title A Job to Die For.

Dangerous ambitions film where it is shot

Dangerous ambitions – plot of the film broadcast on Tv8

The plot has as its protagonist Sadie, a young fashion enthusiast. When she gets the job she has long aspired to she becomes extremely enthusiastic and hopeful in her future.

Sadie in fact she managed to get a job as the right hand of the successful stylist Claudia. The latter, almost instantly, takes Sadie under its production in an almost maternal way. Claudia in fact it provides a Sadie new clothes, a loaner car and a place to stay in his luxury penthouse. As Sadie And Claudia they form a strong bond.

But the mother of Sadie, Lynn, becomes wary of this relationship. And so she begins to softly convey her opinion of him about Claudia to the daughter.

Final spoiler

Unfortunately the relationship between Sadie And Lynn it starts to get very tense. And the behavior of Lynn towards Claudia increases even more the misunderstandings between mother and daughter.

At a certain moment Sadie start getting closer to the truth. Indeed, he begins to discover that all the previous assistants of Claudiaincluding his daughter, have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

A Job to Die For

The young woman is thus convinced to dig into her boss’s past and finds shocking truths.

Dangerous ambitions final film

Dangerous Ambitions: The Complete Cast

Below is the cast of the film Dangerous ambitions and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Maeve Quinlan: Claudia
  • Revell Carpenter:Sadie
  • Madison Crawford:Lexi
  • Olivia Larsen: Rebecca
  • Catherine Calloway: Elena
  • Sarah Voigt: Lynn
  • Demetria Curry: Fashion executive
  • Darren Johnson: Julius
  • Joseph Elliot Rodriguez: Wins
  • Ryan G. Beard: Tow truck operator
  • Tenille Ja’Nae: Manager
  • Denver Andre Taylor: Detective Wright

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