Died of coronavirus by a physician of the Hospital of the IMSS in Tlatelolco


The doctor Eduardo Martinez Etchart, who worked in the General Hospital Area Number 27 of the IMSSin Tlatelolco, he died because of the coronavirusaccording to he assured his family.

According to a note published by the daily Reformthe doctor it was attended in the Hospital General Zone Number. 48 Social Security, in Azcapotzalco, they referred their family members.

Take care our personal healththis it is not a gameI today I lost my father. For protocols I will not see itas we do not give you your body, I won’t be able velarlo” released one of the sons of doctor in social networks, in accordance with Reform.

“He was an excellent person, a great doctor, didn’t deserve to die in a hospital bed without company”, published one of the children the health professional also in social networks. He assured that the doctor he died by doing what you loved: “to save lives”.

Dear Eduardo, I have you in the bloodin the veins. My fatherthough this damn disease does not let me see you and hug you for the last time, your essence lives in me. Wherever you are, thank you for so much love”, he added.

Personal health the Hospital General Area in Tlatelolco has protested on two occasions, for sue supplies health and protective equipment for address the patients with COVID-19.

Reform published this Saturday health professionals of this hospital unit reported that still do not receive inputs of best quality and stated that continue to buy with its own resources the material that require.

On the other hand, medical and nursing staff of various hospitals of the City of Mexico accused that, despite the fact that have come the country from China planeloads of inputsthey have not been delivered in their work centers.

A doctor the Hospital General Zone 27 in Tlatelolcoone of the centers dedicated exclusively to caring for patients with COVID-19said to Reform they still buy your own material faced with the refusal of their superiors to give them supplies for free.

“It is very complicated. Most of the workers are buying (even) their own face cloths”.

In the emergency roomthe inputs that you have are donated of other places. We think that they are securing the inputs and not distribute it because it has not reached the worst stage” said the physician, whose identity was not revealed.

In the meantime, in the Hospital General Area number 48 of Azcapotzalco, where is performed a process of counterclaim hospital to cater to patients with this virus, staff seeks to the best prices for purchase the material for wholesale.

Until Fridayhad 329 doctors and nurses infected of COVID-19; “inside and outside of the hospital may be infected”, indicated Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of medical benefits of the IMSS, in an interview with Aristegui live.

He said that institute are prepared “for address with our maximum capacity and the outbreaks and the number maximum number of patients that we hope in the following weeks. In total there are 70,000 medical and 130,000 nurses and, as we have to take care of them, remove personnel from high risk (20,000 workers) had to go home because have a condition of greater risk for any illness or are older adults”.

Borja Aburto referred to the outbreaks that were given at the start of the pandemic, as in the case of a IMSS in Monclova, Coahuila, where after there was a transmission of another type, but it was very important to the transmission, with 41 confirmed cases.

Another outbreak mixed, in the clinic 72 Tlalnepantlawhere a doctor caught outbut others within, “there we had 44 confirmed cases, ” he said. This week also confirmed outbreaks hospital in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Staff Clinic 1 and 20 the Social Security in Tijuana, Baja California, indicated Friday that there are at least 14 nurses and doctors infected.

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