Diego Amado was born, brother of the twins Mara and Dona

On Thursday, November 25, the date on which exactly one year of the death from Diego Armando Maradona, on Buenos Aires born, Diego Amado, the little brother of the Argentine twins Mara and Mrs, 10, whose names were chosen by his family in tribute to the sports idol.

The thing is Walter Rotundo (39 years old), a Maradonian fanatic, affirmed that the date of his son’s birth on Thursday, November 25, at 4:35 p.m. (7:35 p.m. GMT), “was pure chance.” Likewise, according to AFP, he remarked that “the coincidence helps to change a sad day for one of happiness”.

Diego Amado weighed 4,050 kg (Photo: AFP).
Diego Amado weighed 4,050 kg (Photo: AFP).

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“The day that so many people are sad for Diego, I am sad too, but better for the birth of my son. Now in the future this day will continue to be the anniversary of Diego’s death, but it will also be the birthday of my son ”, said Rotundo.

In addition, he celebrated that the scheduled cesarean section came out “as planned” and that his wife, Victoria Aguirre and Diego Amado, who weighed 4,050 kg “are in good health”, so that on Sunday “they could go home”.

Diego Amado was born on November 25, 2021, one year after the death of "10".
Diego Amado was born on November 25, 2021, one year after the death of “10”.

The famous twins Mara and Dona

In turn, Rotundo assured that although he did not know Maradona personally, the former captain from Albiceleste knew of his existence and of his daughters.

It is that when the twins were born, who are 10 years old today, Rotundo sent Maradona a photograph of them in his arms, and Diego repaid him by sending him a Photography his holding the girls. Walter immortalized that gesture in a tattoo that he proudly displays on his back.

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In the midst of the conflicts over the Maradona brand, the father of the twins and Diego Amado joked about it: “Now that there is so much controversy with the use of the brand, I can say ‘Diego Maradona‘, freely, because it is the name of my children, I have in my house the full name”.

The inordinate passion and unconditional love for the “10” was one of the many reasons that united him with his wife and mother of his children.

Walter Rotundo with his 10-year-old twin daughters.
Walter Rotundo with his 10-year-old twin daughters.

For his part, Aguirre expressed the pain that he feels for Maradona’s death: “It gives me pain that he is no more, that he could not be a clean addict, that consumption has taken him away”, and added: “I always saw him as someone who was there all the time for win a battle and when he died, I felt like he couldn’t win. “

Moved by the mixed feelings about the birth of his son, and the anniversary of the death of his undisputed idol, Rotundo concluded: “If I had to choose the Maradona that I want to have at home, it is that humble Diego, supportive, friend of his friends , family member, in love with his parents. If there is going to be a Diego Maradona represented in my three children let that be”.

The twins Mara and Dona are 10 years old (Photo: AFP).
The twins Mara and Dona are 10 years old (Photo: AFP).

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