Diego Leuco returns to work after being discharged from hospital with illness: “I’m 6.50”

Diego Leuco breaks silence on his fitness

This Monday after a night in the hospital (Saturday night) Diego Locco he’s back on his show before anyone (Lu TV Station) and told his colleagues in detail about the difficult times he experienced. “I’m 6.50. Sorry to start this way but I’m counting because a very important situation has arisen in terms of information. When Sophie uploads these stories I say ‘oops Boluda, the mess is about to start’ , it happened, it was logical, it was our fault for uploading what we uploaded”.

The driver and reporter explained how his discomfort, which began Thursday night and lasted until Friday afternoon, passed. “I came home and said, ‘I’m tired, I’m going to take a shower and I’m going to bed.'” I went to the shower, and in the shower I was shaking and I was cold…I took the medicine, which was normal for anyone at the time what anyone would do, and then I fell asleep…’, he recalls. He continued: “I woke up on Saturday already feeling sick after a lot of sleep I went to the airport to look for Sofia (Martinez). We said we were going out to eat, but unfortunately the food took an hour and a half…’.

Luko said he slept through Saturday afternoon and some of Sunday morning, and at some point his girlfriend convinced him to see a doctor. “Obviously I’m leaving because I have a fever above 38 degrees This caused me to be completely dehydrated. They did a blood test and a chest x-ray because at one point they thought it was pneumonia and they gave me four liters of serum but I didn’t pee. Omg, dehydration…” Diego said, revealing that he suffered from “pharyngitis” and was eventually discharged from the hospital at 10 am on Sunday. “With serum and medication, I came back to life,” he concluded.

A few hours ago, Diego Locco posted a video on his social networks predicting what he would later tell in the streaming show. “I would like to thank everyone who wrote me. I had a very bad pharyngitis, high fever and was so dehydrated that I had to spend the night (Saturday) in a nursing home, a tough night but ok…  We’re all at home … we’ve gone to the polls and I’m taking antibiotics and resting for a few hours,” he explained.

Diego Leuco released from hospital with illness and details his health

Let us remember that during this week, Drivers called for a reflection on democracy and asked Argentines to go to the polls next Sunday. Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory (PASO). This is within the framework of his plan no one said anything, That Now airing on streaming platform Lu TV Mainly aimed at a young audience.In his editorial, the driver asked permission to deviate from the usual theme of sharing He expressed concern about social discontent in Sunday’s election.

In this sense, he takes the opportunity to emphasize the importance of democratic institutions and asks youth to ““Focus” tool It allows us to choose the rulers of our country.

“Look, we generally don’t talk about current events much here, it’s like a super entertaining show. But if there’s something important, I think it’s better to say it. You vote on Sunday, and yes, we all know that. Bueno Sierras City holds elections at the same time; in other words, you have to vote in two different ways: at the traditional ballot box in the President’s and State offices, and then in a machine in the city office. In other provinces, they vote on a per- provinces to vote,” the reporter said first.

He added: “Just like in any other election, everyone in the country and here has their own ideology, way of thinking, favorite candidate, least favorite candidate. The elections held in Argentina this year saw record levels of absenteeism; never before in history have so few people turned out to vote, and the truth is, it’s sad and regrettable. obviously, The atmosphere is full of pain and despair. In other words, things have been bad for a long time, yet we, the sons of democracy, take voting for granted.it’s not natural, and When you don’t vote, things get really ugly, blood flows and you can’t live in freedom.”

Likewise, he recognizes that many citizens may not trust any of the candidates running in PASO, but he reiterates that it is important Express this in the polls.

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