Diego Maradona’s inheritance: who will collect it, the disputed assets, the multi-million dollar mark and the ongoing battles | What is auctioned on December 19

The auction of part of Diego Maradona’s assets, on December 19, should leave just over three million dollars. That money cannot be touched, Because the judge of La Plata, Luciana Tedesco del Rivero, in charge of the inheritance of the Diez, gave a deadline until February for those who claim to be Maradona’s children to come forward to have a DNA done. Until now, there have been two: Magalí Gil and Eugenia Laprovittola.

The comparison is made with samples from Diego’s other daughters and with samples taken during the autopsy. The result appears to be negative, that is, the DNA would maintain that they are not Maradona’s daughters.

Who will collect the inheritance

The man who publicly also claims to be the son of the Ten, Santiago Lara, did not appear in the file. Neither did the alleged sons or daughters of Cuba. Everything suggests, then, that the final heirs will be five: Dalma, Giannina, Jana, Diego junior (the son Maradona had in Naples) and Diego Fernando, the youngest, born from the relationship with Verónica Ojeda.

If this is confirmed in February, the auction money can be distributed. In the meantime, no: he will only go to pay off some debts. For example, Maradona set the example by agreeing to pay the tax on large fortunes and at his death some of the five installments had to be paid. It is estimated that of the total auction, perhaps about $ 500,000 should be used to pay debts, but there will be no less than $ 2,500,000 to distribute among the heirs, after February.

What is going to auction

In what will be auctioned on December 19 will be the huge house on Calle Cantilo 4575, in Villa Devoto, with a base of $ 900,000. Also an apartment in Mar del Plata and two luxury cars, which will also be more valuable because they belonged to Diego. The rest will be added with souvenirs that the star put in two containers that came from Dubai, including some that were given to him by leaders such as Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez.

The other important inheritance are the bank accounts that would be in Mexico, Dubai, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Argentina. About eight million dollars are mentioned. None of this can be released until the judge issues a ruling on the succession, establishing who the final heirs are.

The Maradona brand

But, without a doubt, the most valuable thing is the Maradona brand. It does not seem natural that it is in the hands of Matías Morla, due to the signing of the assignment that Maradona made to him in Dubai. There was a presentation of the daughters, with a ruling in favor of them, but revoked by Chamber IV of the Criminal Chamber, with the signature of doctors Hernán López and Jorge Rimondi, who returned the rights to the trademark to Morla. Moreover, for the tribute match to be played in Saudi Arabia on December 14, between Boca Juniors and Barcelona, ​​the rights were agreed with Sattvica, Morla’s company.

Also Spotify just aired a podcast series. According to Mario Baudry, partner and representative of Verónica Ojeda, calculated in a judicial brief, the brands would leave no less than 300 million dollars. For example, YouTube pays $ 600 per million views and there are some of Diego’s 80,000 videos that have 60 million views. There is also Facebook and the Amazon series, Baudry lists.

The heirs denounced Matías Morla for fraudulent administration, improper retention, procedural fraud, contempt and circumvention of the incapable, which is abusing a person in a state of weakness. It will be a very tough battle for the heirs to recover the brand, but there seems to be no definition in the short term.

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