Dies dressmaker sinaloan of international stature by Covid-19


Culiacan, Without.– The dressmaker of international court, winner of the Needle of Global Gold in Nicaragua, and in 2003, the first prize in Turkey in Top Model of Word 2003, between ten awards, Juan Ernesto Castaños López died of Covid-19 of which tested positive the last two of April.

Born in the community of Sataya, Navolato in 1977, the designer, he joined as Director of Special Events, at the town hall of his native land and continued to participate in the celebration of carnival parades and contests of beauty in children.

Without identifying by name, last week, the mayor of Navolato, Eliazar Gutierrez Angulo revealed that an official of his administration, had tested positive for coronavirus, so arranged sanatizar the municipal palace, the offices of the System of Integral Development of the Family and the square main.

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With special equipment, donated by the agricultural sector, Civil Protection personnel, with mixtures of chlorine, clean the busiest areas of the municipality, before this first death by Covid-19 that is recorded in Navolato

The late fashion designer, Castaños López, throughout its 43 years of age, who won several awards at international level, inherited from his family, including his mother, the passion for design and sewing, so that in 1998 led him to participate for the first time in a beauty contest in her native land.
On her passion for fashion led him, among other events, to participate in the 2003, in the new Top Model Word.

In the contest of beauty, celebrated in June of 2004, at the Centro de Convenciones Cemexpo, Quito Peru, where the representative of Australia, Jennifer Hawkins, placed the crown of the queen world of beauty, Juan Ernesto was awarded.

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His design of the typical costume of Miss Universe, earned him the award of the title of Viceroy, in a gala night, in which the beauty of the united States, represented by Shandi R Elnnessey, was awarded the prize of the first runner-up.


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