Dies electrocuted child who took care of his mom, patient with Covid-19


Ecatepec, Méx.- With many flowers and balloons, as well want to dismiss Adriana to his son, José Eduardo; the taxi driver was recovered from Coronavirus, but his little 14 years of age he died last night electrocuted in the garden of his house.

The young 37 year old said that yesterday he returned to the hospital to have the latest evidence that the discharged from the Covid-19, there he was informed that he passed the infectious stage and the first thing I thought was to hug their children, but at the back since the incident had occurred.

While she was receiving medical attention at the hospital, at home, it was the second largest of their four children – José Eduardo, who was in charge of the household chores.

He explains that due to the rain that was recorded in this locality, the water got to your house, then the child wanted to play and at the same time, barrerla. Then turned on the pump and the accident occurred.

The taxi driver recognize that your little one not only came to her aid during the 20 days of isolation, but it is “the most supportive with her and with everyone around you.”

Adriana says that her son took charge of it and their little brothers, the fed, helped her, it was always in his hand and was a pillar for her family, and above all it was an occasion of joy.

She went on the 14th of march to the National institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER)there we did the test and tested positive to Coronavirus, yesterday the final diagnosis was positive, but at the back your son had died.

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