Dies Oscar Chavez at 85, after being hospitalized for coronavirus


Oscar Chavez died this Thursday, April 30 because of covid-19disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV2, confirmed the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE). “After two days of receipt of a timely comprehensive medical care (in the National Medical Center November 20), died after showing respiratory arrest because of pneumonitis covid-19“, the agency said in a statement.

In the message details that Oscar Chavez was admitted to the hospital “with a picture of respiratory difficulty franca, with attack on the general status and classic symptoms that suggested coronavirus”. After receiving the proof of coronavirus, was detected which, in effect, “your box was supported for infection of this disease.” The INSTITUTE adds that the performer “teníto a history of smoking with chronic lung condition”.

Hours before, the news of his death it was confirmed to MILLENNIUM by Modesto Lopez, Disks Staff. The head of the ministry of Culture, Alejandra Frausto, lamented the death of Óscar Chávez via Twitter.

“A voice of struggle is never extinguished, thanks to Oscar Chavez, your life was a journey worthy of you. Viva Oscar Chavez!”, he wrote the official. In the account of the Secretariat of Culture, also lamented the death of the interpreter, who stood out as a “representative of the trova and traditional mexican music”. Artists and politicians joined the condolences.

This morning, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a message to wish the speedy recovery singer-songwriter mexican. “We send our message of encouragement, to the sick, to all and a special a message to Oscar Chavez who was admitted yesterday, to all send a fraternal embrace to get ahead, do not lose faith-never,” he said.

In July of 2019 Óscar Chávez had been recognized by the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City as a Living Cultural Heritage of the City of Mexico, in the Festival of the Trova and Song Urban Songs.

Despite the fact that some songs by Oscar Chavez emerged many years ago, they never cease to sound; their songs accompanied – and accompany – to several generations who feel identified with the creative perspective of the also called ‘caifán more’.

It is worth to know more of this artist had a career versatile, since not only focused on the music, but that went by the letters and the screens (girls and big). In addition, his music always corresponded to their ideology and actions.

Oscar Chavez: who he was, biography and history

The colony Portalslocated in the municipality of Benito Juarez, was the one that sheltered the birth of Oscar Chavez Fernandez, although since he was small he was wandering, as the neighborhood did really was Santa Maria la Riberain the never quiet city hall Cuauhtémoc.

From an early age, Chávez knew that his fate was in the arts, that’s why he enrolled in the drama School of the National institute of Fine Arts (INBA) and then in the maximum house of studies of the country, the National Autonomous university of Mexico (UNAM).

In his youth he began to flirt with the music, until your love was so immense that it became his priority. Of such romance emerged more than two dozens of albums and hundreds of performances in vivo, the most prominent of which took place in the Song Festival OTIthe Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, the Palace of Fine Arts of the City of Mexico, the Festival of Varadero, the Palace of Fine Arts of Cuba and in the Plaza Colón in Madrid.

The music of Chavez captured much of the feel nationalas recounted aspects of everyday life in large and small cities, in addition to include ideas expressed by other symbols mexican, as Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Gilberto Owen and Amado Nervo.

Another aspect of Oscar is that it was always a social fighter, a matter that was detectable in his music: from the student movement of ‘ 68 until the Spanish Civil warpassing by the movement zapatistto, were topics that the creative shared with your voice.

The Caifán More

When Oscar agreed to be The Styles in a movie Juan Ibáñeznot imagined that her life – and her nickname – was going to change. The tape, where she was also involved the actress and singer Julissa, with the role of a Dove, became a classic of national cinema: The Caifanes (1966).

The tape account the meeting of a couple of class altto (Julissa and Enrique Álvarez Félix) with Cat (Sergio Jimenez) and his Caifanes: Styles (Oscar Chavez), the Aztec (Ernesto Gómez Cruz) and Mazacote (Eduardo Lopez), a fact that leads to a series of night time adventures.

“(The film) came to me by chance” revealed in an interview with the singer, with ‘The Caifanes‘got the Ariel of the Mexican Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences.

“I think that continues to be endearing, as shows you a Mexico City that no longer existand,” added Chavez on the film, which established him as the ‘caifán higher’.

In addition to this production, the artist participated in films Hector Mendoza, Ludwig Margules, Ana Sokolov, Luis Alcoriza and Juan Gurrola.

Legacy of Oscar Chavez

“Oscar Chavez not only rescues and brings up to date the tradition, it also explores with good fortune in the creations of todayeither through parody, or the expressions of the new sensibility about love or politics,” she said on one occasion the writer Carlos Monsivais about the musician.

The art activities are not the only legacy of Oscar Chavez; also inherited his concern for the less fortunate, giving them a voice in their compositions. An artist in every sense of the word, that he lived a life unparalleled and, with his death, leaves a great void, a pain is the sun without the flower.


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