“Difficulties are inevitable.” Snezhana Babkina commented on her husband’s rare illness

Sergey and Snezhana Babkina (Photo: instagram.com/snezhana_babkina)

Now the star couple are organizing a trip to Vienna. The operation is scheduled for February 5th.

The actress and part-time manager of Sergei Babkin Snezhana commented on her husband’s serious illness for the first time on her Instagram page.

The artist was diagnosed with a very rare eye disease, and now the artist needs urgent surgery. “Difficulties are inevitable. Difficulties bring a lot of rewarding experiences. Only one should look at this, not from a position – it’s all over, but from a position – thank you, Universe, for teaching me to be wiser. If there are difficult, conflict situations, at first glance, unpleasant, and this happens to you – then you need such an experience! So this is a test for something for you. These are the difficulties that will help you discover something very strong in yourself. This is your development. Life is cool and harmonious, not when there are no difficulties and conflicts, but when you know how to overcome them, developing further! And now Sergey and I are getting just such an experience. And it will be priceless! Many thanks to everyone who writes, who offers various help, who sends rays of kindness and support, ”wrote Snezhana

Photo: instagram.com/snezhana_babkina

In Stories, the musician’s wife also noted that they “ don’t give up”. “We are in a fighting mood. And mentally we predict that everything will be cool, ”said Snezhana.

The couple should fly to Vienna on February 1, and diagnostics will be carried out from February 2 to 5.