Digestive Rest: Simple Tips for Regulating Your Weight | Benefits

At various times in our lives, many of us wish we had more time to ourselves, to exercise, read, go for a walk, and more. What would happen if we could organize our lives in this way? digestive organs Can I have a good rest too? How do we achieve this goal? The idea is to stop giving them work, like we do with the workday, for example, until 3pm.

Likewise, we can do this with our digestive organs: stomach, colon, esophagus, jejunum and ileum, duodenum, gallbladder, liver. We put them on “partial vacation” from 3pm until the next morning. What will happen to our body? I detail them here:

  • We’ll have better quality sleep, which will make our day more productive.
  • We avoid excess production of gastric juices. This means that resting in a horizontal position at night is less likely to injure the esophagus as many gastritis-related GERD sufferers do.
  • We stop the production of hormones like insulin, which, once active, stops calorie burning and fat burning.
  • We will promote the entry of peripheral fat into the bloodstream, which will result in a faster loss of body measurements.
  • We’ll help reduce and educate the stomach, which promotes satiety and stomach contractions in a natural way.
  • We can increase our mental strength and our ability to say no to desserts, pasta, rice, bread, big dinners, etc. by practicing willpower.
  • We will achieve faster weight loss results.

This technique is called a “digestive break,” and it’s especially effective for people who are significantly overweight and want to give their digestive organs a break. It is also useful for those who take medications to control stomach pH and reduce acidity for symptoms such as upper abdominal pain where the stomach protrudes.

Heartburn, a burning sensation or discomfort behind the breastbone caused by inflammation of the esophagus caused by gastric juices, can also be relieved. It’s important to remember that this gastric juice has a pH of 2 and is able to damage and irritate the digestive lining and even reach the throat, causing a dry cough and clearing of the throat. Often, these symptoms lead patients to seek help from an ENT doctor or pulmonologist when the problem is actually an eating disorder and acid damage to the aforementioned tissues.

As you will see, they can recommend or apply this simple but challenging technique because sometimes stopping eating is not easy. Remember that food, especially those rich in carbohydrates, creates pleasurable feelings. This technique requires a lot of willpower and prior meal planning. Start your day with an early breakfast that provides essential nutrients. Let’s not forget that regular physical activity goes a long way toward getting better grades and combating late afternoon and evening anxiety.

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