Dimes and Diretes: a farewell and a coronavirus outbreak in a ministry

The Minister of Health, Rossana Chahla, is spending her last days at the helm of the portfolio, because on December 9 she will assume as deputy of the Nation. As a result of this reason, the official began to say goodbye to her relatives; And to that end, his team of closest collaborators organized a meeting in a party room located in Tafí Viejo.

On Friday, Chahla and a good part of her work team shared the meeting at Quinta Pacará. Some photos of the event were even uploaded on social media. However, what could pass as an anecdotal detail became a headache for many and generated a stir in the Government House.

It happens that as the days go by, several of the attendees began to show symptoms of coronavirus. As they were health professionals who carried out the management of the pandemic, the alerts were immediately turned on and the protocols were activated.

Thus, as the established times were being fulfilled, many of those present were swabbing. The minister herself even carried out the test, with a negative result.

However, at least four people who attended the farewell had positive results in each PCR, so those who shared a table with them had to isolate themselves. In addition, the round of swabs will continue among the attendees.

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