Dinara and IDM say there is “no need to panic” about sea lions contracting avian influenza

In light of the sea lion deaths due to avian influenza, Jorge Piriz, director of environmental management for the city of Maldonado, said the action taken by the department comes from long experience. The leader noted that burial procedures for the animals have already been carried out in light of wolf mortality rates throughout the year following storms.

The leader held a meeting this Friday in the county with the National Agency for Aquatic Resources (Dinara) and the Sectoral Coordination Center for Emergencies and Hydrology (Cecoed), explaining to them that the situation with avian influenza should not “be ignored” . “Now” is shocking because wolf mortality is lower than it would otherwise be if avian influenza were not present.

Piriz maintains that even in recent weeks, 15 to 20 wolves have sometimes died from various causes, but this indicates a lower mortality rate than in other years.

Along these lines, the city of Maldonado has been operating along the coast with machines and trucks for many years; for now, leaders assure, they will continue.

Director Jaime Coronel from Dinara pointed out that the measures to be taken are to keep people and animals away from the mammals on the coast.

In addition, the meeting decided to enhance and centralize information exchange.

On Wolf Island, which they will cross this Saturday, Dinara will conduct swab tests after confirming some cases. It is estimated that around 250,000 animals live there.

Today, there are seven confirmed cases in coastal Uruguay. What is done now is to bury without using a swab so that the focus disappears from the environment.

Coronel stressed the importance of data managed by the Maldonado commune, which showed that the number of wolves found was lower than in other years.

The Maldonado city government assured that the port of Punta del Este is fenced off, monitored and the situation is as expected.

Meanwhile, Diego de Freitas, director of the Livestock Services Department of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, said they are leaving Maldonado with confidence thanks to the organization carried out by the communes in their agreement on the issue.

The leader said there was no need to cause alarm and urged people to avoid any contact with marine mammals.

Wolves of the Roche Coast

Central de Rocha news agency shared a video on its TikTok account showing two dogs eating a dead sea lion. According to the publication, the incident occurred on Aracanya Beach.

@infcentraluy #Urgent | Dog eats sea lion Another dead sea lion has been found in Playa Rochense in the Arachania region. Neighbors in the area are asking, if you know the owners of these dogs, please tell me if they have had contact with wolves. Let’s remember, we are on #birdflualert? Original Sound – INF CENTRAL

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