“Dinner with a Killer – Knives Out”

Cena con Delitto – Knives Out (USA – 2019) is a movie that will air Tuesday, June 6 at 9:15 pm on Rai Movie. Directed by Rian Johnson and starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford and Christopher Plummer. Plot: Harlan Thrombey, a wealthy writer and publisher and authoritarian patriarch of a loveless family, is found dead by a young waitress, Martha, with her throat slit the morning after his 85th birthday party: Murder or Suicide? The police roam in the dark, and Benoit Blanc, a private investigator, arrives to help. If Harlan were killed, who in the family of the deceased would have a reason to kill him? Children Linda and Walter, sister-in-law Joni or grandson Hugh Ransome? The investigation uncovers all the secrets, lies and hidden interests of a wealthy but troubled family group. What makes this film unique is the exceptional cast, starting with Christopher Plummer, an actor who has been active for over sixty years and recently died, Daniel Craig, the last 007, Chris Evans, Captain America from the Avengers, Ana de Armas (the last amazing Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde”), Jamie Lee Curtis (a multi-faceted translator in a career divided between brilliant action movies – “True Lies” – amazing comedies – “Armchair for two” and “A Fish Called Wanda” – not forgetting the horror saga “Halloween”) , Don Johnson (also known as the TV series Miami Vice), Toni Colette, Michael Shannon.

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