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dior addict 2023 – The first Dior lipstick to be regarded as an authentic fashion accessory, dior addict Has become a symbol of extreme talent. Renovated in 2022 by peter phillipsThe creative and image director of Dior Make-up invites every woman to proudly express her femininity and shine as much as possible. This year, this unique glitter lipstick opens a new chapter in its history.

Dior Addict 2023: Campaign with Anya Taylor-Joy and Jisoo

Made instantly recognizable by the legendary lacquered black stick, it today presents four brand new clothing cases Inspired by the haute couture creations of the maison. Customization possibilities thanks to an original and unique wardrobe, refillable and interchangeable as always. Based on a formula made from 90% ingredients of natural origin, Ten original and ultra-luxurious colors They join the Dior Addict palette of primal nuances, of which this iconic brick red dior 8,

actress played by Anya Taylor-Joy and talented singer k-pop jesusThe new collection is the protagonist of a graphic campaign that celebrates a free, dazzling and victorious femininity that does not compromise.

“The new season brings with it new desires. Featuring never-seen-before ultra-bright shades and 4 new iconic cases, the launch of Dior Addict 2023 pays tribute to a timeless beauty as timeless as the two stars who grace the latest campaign,” he added peter phillipsCreative and Image Director of Dior Make-up.

Born from the feats of the Dior laboratories, the Dior Addict is the maison’s first luxurious lipstick, whose imagination begins with a floral skin care and is composed of 90% ingredients of natural origin. Rated for extreme shine, it ensures phenomenal results: 6 hour stay and an optimal distribution of pigments, synonymous with more intense color and adherence to the skin for more precise application. A single pass, for several hours, gives a dazzling shine and an extraordinary level of color effect.

The formula gives lips a perfect balance between lightness and skin care jasmine wax Contains essential fatty acids to enjoy comfort and hydration. On the other hand, jujube oil, rich in omega 6 and 9, contributes nourishing and lubricating properties. Lips can count on exceptional comfort, hydrated for 24 hours. supplemented by oils interacting with light to achieve
An extreme brilliance, the formula is characterized by a unique sensibility: merging instantly with the skin, it gives life to a very light and pleasant veil that is instantly forgotten to make way for a radiant complexion.

Dior Addict 2023: 10 new shades

Peter Phillips has created 10 new shades for Dior Addict, inspired by the house’s iconic colours. His compositions, clearly inclusive, form a delicate nude paletteRosewood and red are designed to brighten up any complexion and enhance the beauty of all women.

the delicacy of nudes from pink beige accents Dior Vibe is represented by 412, while pink light illuminates 566 Peony Pink and 463 Dior Ribbon. the sweetness of rosewood color Illuminates both the 521 Diorelita and 652 Rose Dior and the more decisive 730 Star and, in a crescendo of color, discreet red Make your mark with 758 Lady Red and 822 Scarlet Silk. pigment a soft orange brown Enrich 812 Tartan and 845 Vinyl Red.

Simple and natural, all the nuances are designed to be worn and easily interpreted, revealing unique facets depending on the color they are combined with.

“I had so much fun developing the 10 exclusive shades that complete the range. Some stand out for their brilliance, others for their colour, but all have a unique beauty,” he explains peter phillips,

The Dior Addict’s Magnetic Genius Is Now Underrated 40 colorways, from the most discreet to the most profound. Powerful, but never intimidating, this elevated shine allows you to naturally enhance shapes or make a bold style statement, always allowing yourself to be infused with Dior’s idea of ​​femininity.

There dior subtlety 8 Which, along with its name, alludes to Monsieur Dior’s Lucky Number, a dazzling and extravagantly fashionable brick red that breaks the norms of the traditional red. It’s as intense as it is delicate, perfect for creating chic and ultra-contemporary looks.

A new collection of clothing cases

Considered as authentic fashion accessory cases by dior addict Inspired by Mason’s code. decorated with logo dire oblique Deconstructed, they become icons of beauty compared to the timeless black lacquered version with vinyl effect. The new collection composed of four limited edition cases renews the legendary lipstick with sophisticated motifs that can be combined with your favorite nuances in an exclusive mix and match that can be adapted to your look and desires.

In season resolutions,brick knage pencil case Recalls the nuances of Dior 8 by proposing the legendary homonymous theme in brick red fabric. rose montainOn the other hand, is inspired by the unique handbags of the Maison and chooses an exclusive powder pink. Option white canvasWith its essential and modern design, the e Burgundy ObliqueComplete the range by confirming the much-loved Dior Oblique theme, dedicated to the maison’s savior-faire, on canvas.

The outstanding results in terms of colour, shine and naturalness of the formula echo the exceptional nature of the eco-friendly design of the product. Dior Addict refills are designed to be interchangeable and compatible with all cases, reaffirming the maison’s commitment and desire to reduce the ecological impact of its creations.

new dior addiction campaign

Icon of an entire generation and ambassador of Dior, Anya Taylor-Joy and Jisoo is the protagonist of the new Dior Addict campaign. Bold and sassy, ​​the two women take over the set and happily go outside the box to flaunt their uniqueness through behavior that simply follows instinct. Her style is constantly emphasized by the modernity of fresh makeup, while her charismatic personality is reflected in the Dior Addict’s exuberant and magnetic brilliance.

United, despite their differences, by the same energy and the same luminous outlook, Anya and Jeesu embody, each in their own way, an aspect of plural, contemporary and universal femininity. In this way, they invite women to let their identity shine through and assert themselves freely and with determination.

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