Diptyque body spray with citrus and mosquito repellent

I finally found my summer perfume: a body spray with a rustic scent.

My criteria for choosing perfumes for a vacation is pretty simple. i want one fresh cologne with citrus noteslong lasting but not heavy and I need to be able to spray it on my skin both after my shower and before a special evening. This year I found a fragrance that meets all these requirements, but, to my surprise, it is not perfume or cologne.

This is one of the latest launches of Diptyque, which again presents a summer collection with a fragrance presented in different formats – from perfume to olfactory candles – although, as far as I understand, the flagship product is a body spray. , a real innovation in the field of perfumery.

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The 2 in 1 fragrance is perfect for summer evenings…

it’s water based essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and lemon eucalyptusthree ingredients that not only give life to a fresh and decidedly summer fragrance, but are also known as mosquito repellent. Diptyque’s d’Éte pour le Corps spray is therefore the perfect summer proposition, a 2-in-1 product that allows you to enjoy an evening in the countryside or on the beach without worrying about snacking.

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This body water is sweetened with floral notes and final touch of musk, hints that take us back to the summer of our childhood. A fragrance that smells of the countryside and evokes the olfactory image of a farmhouse with windows adorned with geranium pots.

… and at an affordable price

Last but not leastbeing a body spray, with an essence concentration lower than that of perfumes, the price of a 100 ml bottle is less than 50 euros. I discovered Spray d’Éte pour le Corps by Diptyque just a few days ago and it’s already become my favorite and ready to take its place in my makeup bag for the holidays. Yes, I am sure that this will be my only summer perfume.

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