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The show expands on the world of John Wick with a spin-off series focusing on the famous killer hotels.

Continental (also known as The Continental: From the World of John Wick) is a recent television series that expands the world John Wick with a spin-off title dedicated to famous hotels that host murderers in a saga that sees him as the protagonist. Keanu Reeves. A decidedly long-awaited realization that will hit the small screen very soon and which will also be accompanied by another spin-off film to the saga or dancerWith Ana de Armas the protagonist (where, among other things, Reeves himself is present, who returns as a notorious killer).

Continental Coming to Small Screen Peacock TV and Prime Video in September

Continental John Wick -

Continental is coming Pavlin TV (in Italy on Prime Video) and the director of the show, i.e. Albert Hughes (The Genesis Code, The True Story of Jack the Ripper), in a recent interview with Collider, he explained the impact he had on creating the implementation, among other things, very specific quoting of references.

“It happened that they approached me, it was Basil Ivanik and Erica Lee, the producers of a series of films that approached me, and at first I didn’t think that I would be interested, and then I started thinking about things like Tony Gilroy in Andor, Jon Favreau in The Mandalorian and Noah Hawley in Fargo, and I thought, “Oh, you can do something in the sandbox that already exists.” And it happened in the 70s. So I say, “This could be fun.”

We remind you that Continentalin particular sees production Thunder Road Pictures and Lionsgate Televisionwith detailed execution Basil Ivanik, Albert Hughes, Derek Kolstad, David Leitch, Marshall Persinger, Rhett Reese, Chad Stahelski, Paul Wernick, Greg Coolidge, Erika Lee, Sean Simmons, Kirk Ward, Chris Collins.

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