Discover new possible symptom of the COVID-19; inflammation of extremities


Spain.- Dermatologists Spanish have found that the swelling of limbs could be a new symptom in children and adolescents asymptomatic Covid-19. These conditions in the feed have been observed with frequency in this category of the population that does not present symptoms until now identified of the disease.

Cristina Galván, a dermatologist Spanish said in an interview with the tv channel Spanish Antena 3said that does not rule out that this could also be a symptom in older people, but that is more common in children and adolescents.

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The lesions on the skin possibly caused by coronavirus are similar to chilblains, sores or bumps on the skin that occur by exposure to very low temperatures and these are developed in asymptomatic patients or patients who are just developing symptoms.

Have been detected in these lesions on the feet, both on the heels as in the fingers. The specialist españoda said that these can also occur on the hands and that other people have submitted patches similar to those that produce measles infection.

Finally the dermatologist said it continues to investigate the relationship of this type of sores with the coronavirus.

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