Discover some of the top stylists of all time


If you are passionate about fashion and beauty, then you will some of the stylists that we relate below. And if not, you discovered because they are part of the universe that every it girl should know.

Thanks to them, hairstyles and make-ups have gone down in history. And your models will have left to see for the catwalks and have occupied the covers of magazines.


Was the stylist of the actresses of the 60’s and beyond. It was one of the glory days of Hollywood. Well, this stylist can boast of having counted as clients to the larger ones, like Elizabeth Taylor or Lauren Bacall. Without a doubt, has marked a before and an after in the world of fashion and more beauty.


If someone owe the famous haircut Bob, is the stylist and hairdresser Antoine. Also amazing for having been next to characters so famous as Coco Chanel, hence their outfits are really famous.

Vidal Sassoon

Sounds to us, because it gives a name to their great brand of hairdressing and products that are intended for this purpose.

Christiaan Houtenbos

This famous hairdresser we owe him much, as he was the one who propagated the style of cutting the hair with razor. Is the hairstylist of many famous, and of course mark a major trend within the world of hairstyles.

Leslie Freeman

Is the usually wear and fix to the famous when you are wandering around the well-known red carpet of the Oscar awards. Many actresses have passed through his hands.

Mimi Cutrell

Is the stylist Gigi Hadid and endowed it with those outfits that still no one is used to put to be the first in brand new garments and creating fashion trends.

Kate Young

It is well-known for having advised the actresses honored like Natalie Portman or Hilary Swank, and is amongst the famous hair stylists. Now he has also participated in creative projects together with a firm of glasses and also directs styles for fashion campaigns.

Leslie Fremar

He started to work both in Vogue and in Prada and then you went on to advise actresses of the likes of Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore or Taylor Hill.