Discover the most popular holiday island with crystal clear waters that even Leonardo DiCaprio fell in love with

Ponza is the most popular island with crystalline water

Ponza is the most popular island with crystal clear water-bouncy2k, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If you don’t know where to book your holidays again this year or don’t want to go to crowded places, here’s your solution,

When one thinks of a fully Italian beach holiday, the first destinations that come to mind are No doubt Sicily and Sardinia, After all, they are the two largest islands, they boast of a sea of ​​tropical colors and offer tourists an array of different but equally interesting attractions. Other very Italian islands often budgeted for holidays are La Maddalena, Procida, Pantelleria, Elba Island, Giglio Island, Ischia or Capri.

One thing is certain these destinations don’t always suit the budget of a summer vacation, unless you book on time and you get unexpected offers. However, if you don’t want to give up the holiday made in Italy, then discover the most popular island for holidaymakers with crystal clear water, which is also preferred by international stars.

Ponza, everything you don’t expect

What do they have in common Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé, It’s Not Just Super Famous Celebrities: In the Past, Everyone Has chosen Ponza as a holiday destination, an evocative island not far from the Lazio coast. How can you blame them after all? Turquoise waters dotted with breathtaking views and beaches in the most famous of the Pontine islands,

Most importantly, Chia di Luna: A huge tuff amphitheater reflected in a bay with crystal clear water. equally remarkable Cala Feola with your natural locks And bustling beach pavement, If you want to go exploring other evocative coves or nearby Palmarola, just book a boat tour.

Discover the most popular island for vacations with crystal clear water and do all the activities to make the most of it

In any case, It’s not just the sea and the beaches that make Ponza a highly desirable destination for your next vacation. like the eternal city, too The Pontine Islands hide traces of Roman history’s illustrious past, an excellent starting point for those who love cultural holidays, Ahead, If you are not the type to relax on the beach for 24 hours, advice is to find out about the trekking itineraryAlso accessible by bicycle. Another one further north of the island, which leads to Punta Insenso, comes highly recommended: From here you can see the whole of Ponza from above and appreciate its biodiversity. On the other hand, if you are a fan of diving, you cannot miss the underwater Ponza: a potpourri of Roman finds, with arches and caves and diverse creatures,

And how to seal the spirit of the holiday if not with the usual recipes of local gastronomy? Several places worth noting: La Marina serves excellent fish straight on the rocks, while Starry Aqua Paza Provides delicious food. no less popular Bistro Oresteria in the area of ​​bourbon port e Capperi e Gamberi RestaurantThe Piccolo is located inside the Hotel Luisa.

When to go and how to get to the island

but which Best time to visit Ponza, Favorite months to experience the island in its naturalness are June and September, as a means of transportation recommended to get it, The most popular option is the Train Plus Ferry package,

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