Discover the truths and myths about summer cellulite and stretch marks

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent the appearance of skin tags

Especially in summer, many people have similar worries: Reveal “perfect skin”. In particular, cellulite and stretch marks are the two main issues we are most concerned about this half year because our lives are more exposed.Regarding the appearance of the skin, these conditions can happens to anyone, regardless of your gender or age. However, popular beliefs about its appearance, appearance, or treatment may fall into myth. in the text, we deny Three typical phrases that are untrue.

“Creats and treatments can get rid of cellulite”

As in most cases, There is no magic bullet For cellulite. It’s true that some treatments, such as massage or radiofrequency, can help change the appearance of your skin, but it’s impossible to get rid of cellulite.The best way prevent it from happening Just maintain one healthy lifestyle, which should include a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate hydration. Dry skin increases the formation of stretch marks, and cellulite becomes more noticeable when the skin loses its elasticity.

“Only people who are overweight get cellulite”

Cellulite is not necessarily related to weight. Because, body weight is determined by a series of factors: fat, lean meat, bone and residual mass.the fact is excess fat Can contribute to your training. However, losing weight can also create cellulite. In fact, it’s estimated that over 90% of women have “orange skin.” However, factors such as genetics, gender, and aging play a role in the development of these fat cells, which accumulate under the skin and compress the tissue, creating dents and bumps.

“Stretch marks only appear on the abdomen during pregnancy”

Stretch marks are parallel lines that appear red and turn white as they heal.they can appear in any part of body The skin changes and becomes excessively tight or, conversely, relaxes.Therefore, they are common in the uterus of pregnant women but can also affect men and women People without children. These scars can also appear when you gain or lose weight.this prevention This is key to treating these skin marks, although there are also laser treatments that can reduce their visibility.To avoid its occurrence, it is recommended to keep healthy weight and hydrated skin.

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