Discusses cuban doctors crisis by Covid-19 in Mexico


Health workers of both countries to exchange their experiences on taking care of emergency.

A group of cuban doctors he arrived to Mexico in order to recommend public policy actions in the attention to the pandemic of Covid-19.

The medical staff came to the country last Monday as part of a strategy of international cooperation to help other nations to address the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE), the doctors from Cuba do not provide direct care to the population.

The international cooperation between medical mexicans and cubans it will be solely to promote the exchange of recommendations and experiences in the care of the pandemic.

Until the 7 of April, Mexico reported 141 deaths per Covid-19 and 2 thousand 785 positive cases.

“The visit of the cuban specialists represents a sample of the historical friendship that has Mexico with Cuba,” said the ERS in an informational card.

It should be recalled that previously Cuba sent medical personnel to Italy, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

Cuban doctors also work with Venezuela and Nicaragua to address the health emergency.

The Pan american Health Organization (PAHO) reported on Tuesday that the peak of the Covid-19 could reach the region in a period of three to six weeks, so he called the countries to take extreme sanitary measures.

In Latin america and the Caribbean reported death of more than a thousand 200 people, and 33-thousand-500 cases.

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