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MEXICO CITY – Emmanuel Rosales, an expert on sustainable pest management at SIFSA, has warned that the presence of pests during the holidays poses a threat to children. “Children from all latitudes are looking forward to summer. Unfortunately, there are diseases that plague them, both on business trips and at home. The worst are caused by pests,” he said.

gastroenteritis and diarrhea
Various reports point to these conditions at the top of the list, experts report. They are the most common infectious diseases of children in summer. This is because the food is contaminated by cockroaches and rats in the premises, and the decomposition of the food is accelerated due to humidity and heat. “This often happens at roadside stalls that lack sanitation. Also in the best places. Why? Rats, cockroaches and other insects seek shelter from heat and excessive humidity, and any crack can enter houses, hotels and restaurants,” he explained.

He clarified that contamination occurs because rodents and insects defecate while eating and then walk on the food, carrying large amounts of bacteria. Especially rats and cockroaches. Thus, a few samples of these species are enough to contaminate large quantities of food.

When you add to this a massive increase in floating populations on vacation with a relaxed attitude and poor habits of disposing of leftover food, the result is a massive cycle of pests and humans that spawn from one place and carry bacteria to another. Another, with food. Most Vulnerable Group: Children.

Emmanuel Rosales added that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.7 billion cases of diarrhea occur each year, most of which occur in tropical regions. In general, diarrheal diseases account for a large proportion of the global burden (3.6% of global disability-adjusted life years).

In 2015, these diseases were estimated to have killed more than 1.3 million people worldwide, making them the fourth leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age. “We can boldly say that when people travel to the tropics during the summer, cases are likely to increase. It is not for nothing that the Ministry of Health goes to great lengths to warn people about the dangers of diarrhea-induced dehydration.

SIFSA experts recommend verifying that hotels and restaurants have the “H” badge awarded by the Ministry of Tourism based on a set of hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Health and various other accredited bodies. These standards must be translated into pest control protocols in all areas of the business: material receiving, warehouse, processing, finished product warehouse, distribution, point of sale, and even shipping and delivery vehicles.

He concluded: “At SIFSA we are very interested in promoting these measures so that families are free from problems, illness and costs during the break that could seriously harm everyone.”



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