Disney forces LEGO to rename Boba Fett’s ship

Disney executives continue to go crazy on the trail of inclusion and diversity. A victim of the new policy has now become a spaceship bounty hunter Boba Fett’s ” Slave I of ” ( the Slave I of ) from ” Star Wars ” ( Star Wars ).

According to the Danish company LEGO, which is responsible for the Star Wars sets, they no longer use the name “Slave I” at the request of the Mickey Mouse House. Spacecraft Boba Fett is now called … ” spaceship Boba Fett ” ( Boba Fett’s Starship ). Changes have touched a new constructor based on the series ” Mandalorian ” ( of The Mandalorian ).

It is not yet possible to say how much this decision will affect other Lucasfilm projects. But it is possible that in the new series ” The Book of Boba Fett ” ( The Book of Boba Fett ) the ship will be given a new name.

Also, there are questions to Princess Leia Organa, who in the film ” Return of the Jedi ” ( Return of the Jedi) ran on Tatooine in the slave costume. Perhaps, in the future, the outfit will be called “Tatooine bikini”.


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