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Disney+ has released the official trailer and poster for No One Will Save You, a sci-fi psychological thriller that will release on the platform on September 22.

Official trailer and poster No one will save youa sci-fi psychological thriller produced by 20th Century Studios, which will next be released in Italy on Disney+. September 22nd. Directed by Brian Duffield, the film tells the story of an alien invasion as seen through the eyes of a lonely young woman with a painful past.

I wanted the film to start out as an intimate exploration of the characters as they get hit by an alien invasion.”– said the director. “The end of the world will not only be experienced by those prepared to face it, and the idea of ​​a film about aliens suddenly bursting into the bubble that our character had spent years building and nurturing seemed like a unique way to tell the story that was in my heart.”.

Duffield created a character that captures the viewer’s attention and curiosity regardless of the presence or absence of aliens. “I think there is a deep-seated feeling that any movie about an alien invasion might be true because they remain unknown in our daily lives. As our world spirals further out of control, perhaps there is a wish that there was something smarter than us out there who could help us find our way back. Aliens No one will save you They’re superior to humans in every way, so Brynn and her amazing resistance are a little confusing to them.”.

Starring Kaitlyn Dever Brynn, who is presented as a formidable fighter in the fight against unwanted intruders from the other world. Duffield considers the actress one of the best representatives of her generation. “We were so excited to have Caitlin with us because, like Brynn, who was transported into a whole new world, Caitlin had never been in a film this physical and sci-fi before.”He said. “I think audiences will be amazed at how dominant Caitlin is on screen because she uses her loneliness and silence to create a truly unique and complex character.”.

No one will save you, Italian film poster
No one will save you, Italian film poster

No one will save you this is the second film by Brian Duffield, who previously wrote, produced and directed the 2020 film. Spontaneous, an adaptation of Aaron Starmer’s young adult novel starring Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer. Duffield was recently among the producers of the horror comedy. Cocaineberdirected by Elizabeth Banks for Universal, and the upcoming film Borderdirected by Jimmy Worden.

Plot No one will save you follows Brynn Adams (Dever), a creative and talented young woman estranged from her community. Lonely but always hopeful, Brynn finds solace within the walls of the home she grew up in, until one night she is awakened by strange sounds emanating from apparently otherworldly intruders. What follows is a confrontation between Brynn and a group of alien creatures who threaten her future and force her to deal with her past.

Written and directed by Brian Duffield, the film features music by composer Joseph Trapanese. Tim White, Trevor White, Allan Mandelbaum and Duffield serve as producers, with Dever and Joshua Throne serving as executive producers. No one will save you will debut on September 22 exclusively on Disney+ in Italy, Hulu in the US and Star+ in Latin America.

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