Disney+, September 2023 releases

Disney+ has announced new releases available on the platform starting in September 2023, with the debut of the talent show at the forefront. Italy has talent produced by Fremantle, available September 1st, new episodes weekly. In the meantime, new weekly episodes of the third season are being released on the platform. Only murders in the buildingsecond season of the series Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War and the eleventh season Futurama. Among other released novelties, the feature film is in the foreground. Mermaid Directed by Rob Marshall, a reimagining of a classic animated film, then again a sci-fi psychological thriller Nobody will save you starring Caitlin Dever. And again the second season I am GrootFirst season Another black girlthe complete first season Justified: Primordial Citytwentieth season of the animated series Family mansecond season This fool like the fourth season Kardashian. But there are other novelties: let’s find out all of them in detail.

*For some films, we are waiting for a response from Disney+ if they are available with Italian dubbing.

Breaking news on Disney+ for September 2023

THERE IS TALENT IN ITALY | September 1, 2023 on Disney+
The thirteenth edition of the talent show will begin on Friday, September 1, 2023. Italy has talent made by Fremantle Italy. This is the first edition of the Got Talent format to be made available on a streaming platform in Europe for the first time. As expected in recent weeks, Elettra Lamborghini, Xabi Lame, Mara Mayonci and Frank Matano were at the judging table, with Aurora and Frou from the Jackal conducting. Created in 2006 and since adapted in 72 countries, Got Talent has earned the Guinness World Record for Most Popular Talent/Reality Show and is currently broadcast in 33 countries.

MERMAID (live action) | September 1, 2023 on Disney+
live action movie lto the Little Mermaid, released in theaters on May 24, enters the Disney + catalog on September 6, 2023 and is visible to all subscribers of the streaming platform from that day on at no additional charge. This is a live-action interpretation of the classic cartoon directed by Rob Marshall and starring Halle Bailey, Awkwafina, Javier Bardem, Jacob Tremblay, David Diggs, Jonah Hauer-King and Melissa McCarthy. The story follows Ariel, a young mermaid who, seeking adventure on the surface, falls in love with Prince Eric, but endangers her life and the crown of her father, King Triton, when she ends up making a pact with the sea. Witch Ursula to be able to interact with people.

Kardashians | season 4 | September 28, 2023 on Disney+
The cameras turn on the personal and private lives of Kendall, Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe again in season four of the reality series. Kardashianwhich will tell many aspects of their life, including work, leisure and family with the return of children from school.

NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU | September 22, 2023 on Disney+
Sci-fi psychological thriller debuts on Disney+ Nobody will save you (Nobody will save you) starring Kaitlyn Dever as a creative and talented young woman estranged from her community who finds solace within the walls of the house where she grew up, where she lives quietly alone until she starts hearing strange noises at night, and then finds himself fighting alien creatures. that threaten her future, forcing her to come to terms with the past. Brian Duffield directed the film from his own script with music by Joseph Trapanese. The film was produced by Allan Mandelbaum, Trevor White, Tim White and Duffield and executive produced by Caitlin Dever and Joshua Throne. Film studio of the 20th century. Nobody will save you Recommend to those who like the movie Mining 2022 by Dan Trachtenberg with Amber Midthunder.

I am GROOT | Season 2 | September 6, 2023 on Disney+
A very cute little tree who always expresses himself with the words: “I’m Groot” and one of the main characters of the movie saga. guardians of the galaxy he returns as a main character in five new short films in the series dedicated to him. I am Groot. We’ll see Baby Groot board Guardian spaceships, explore the universe, and meet new and colorful creatures and environments. Kirsten Lepore wrote and directed the new episodes (as well as the first season). Daniel Costa is producing and produced by Alex Scharf and Craig Rittenbaum, with executive production credited to Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Kevin Feige, Kirsten Lepore and Brad Winderbaum. Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt is co-executive producer.

BERTY GREGORY: FACE TO FACE WITH ANIMALS | September 13, 2023 on Disney+
Bertie Gregory returns to travel the world in the second season of the National Geographic series. Extreme Adventure with Bertie Gregory subtitled Face to Face with the Animals, which explores the challenges that extraordinary animals have to face on a daily basis, as well as the moments he and his team have had to face in order to adapt to unpredictable fauna in remote locations where filming is not always possible. , indeed, almost never happens as expected.

ANOTHER BLACK GIRL | Season 1 | September 13, 2023 on Disney+
Simultaneously with the release on Hulu in the US, the new series is coming to Disney+. Another black girl. The story centers on Nella, an assistant editor, happy that she is no longer the only black girl at the company she works for. Hazel is hired, but as she begins to find success, something sinister is revealed about the “agency”.

More news coming to Disney+ in September 2023
JUSTIFIED: PRIMARY CITY | first full season since September 6th
LAN LAN PLAYS DISNEY | special offer from September 15
GRIFFINS | the complete twentieth season from September 27
THIS FOOL | full broadcast of the second season from September 27

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