Disney’s Haunted Mansion Trailer Finally Reveals Winona Ryder And The Avengers Ghostbusters

The new trailer for Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” teases the creation of the world-famous Ghostbusters team in the upcoming horror comedy. The Haunted Mansion is based on the Disneyland attraction of the same name and will include some familiar elements from the movie. It will also be the second theatrical film based on the ride, after The Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy.

Walt Disney Studios has released a new trailer for The Haunted Mansion, which reveals the cast and plot.

The trailer shows a new family moving into the Haunted Mansion and a team of ghost hunters set to unravel its mysteries. The stars of the film are highlighted, with a special focus on Jamie Lee Curtis as Madame Leota and Jared Leto as The Hatbox Ghost, two prominent ghosts from the original attraction.

The latest trailer for The Haunted Mansion also highlights aspects of horror comedy that mixes suspenseful elements with comic situations. Despite the film’s PG-13 rating, The Haunted Mansion’s emphasis on light-hearted comedy indicates that it will still be a family film. While The Haunted Mansion is unlikely to have the spooky visuals of other PG-13 horror films like Astral: The Red Door, it still has plenty of scary scenes to offer.

While Curtis and Leto will play recognizable ghosts from the original attraction, the Haunted Mansion cast will include familiar faces that will hunt the ghosts. Among them are Lakeith Stanfield (“Straight Outta Compton”), Owen Wilson (“Cars”), Danny DeVito (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Rosario Dawson (“The Mandalorian”), Tiffany Haddish (“After Party”) and Winona Ryder. (“Very strange things”). With many well-known actors in the film, the characters in The Haunted Mansion certainly have a strong personality.

With plenty of creative ways to scare and thrill, it looks like The Haunted Mansion will be a horror comedy that will capture the mood of the original Disney attraction. In addition, Leto will bring his sinister allure to the Hatbox Ghost throughout the film. The film will be released on July 28, and soon the audience will be able to see the ghost quest in the haunted mansion with their own eyes.

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