Disorder Festival: From Thurston Moore to Casino Royale, There’s Something for Everyone

Row of the Eleventh Edition of Disorder., scheduled From 13 to 16 July in Oliveto Citra (SA), one last big name is in full swing: Casino Royalein concert on Friday 14 July at their only date in Campania.

an amazing band that connects more than 20 artists already announced, hero of a four days A new and exclusive venue dedicated to music and the alternative scene,

Festival organized by macro studio has become a real reference point for independent culture in our country over the years, this year too, in fact, it challenges itself by turning itself into a City festival in the evocative medieval village of Oliveto Citra in the province of Salerno,

“So we sail, boats against the present, endlessly pushed back into the past, the future already indifferent”: Explanation of Francis Scott Fitzgerald disorder., confirms his desire to keep going over the riverSurprisingly this version is untitled, and is in constant development and becoming.

Again based on this principle, I two stage Important, main stage (via Armando Diaz) e other areas (at the Villa Comunale in Oliveto Citra), will welcome a sophisticated and eclectic line up, ranging from international and local rock to electronics, sonic experiments, noise, jazz and much more.

Thursday 13 July Starring a cult group of the Italian rock scene, i marlin kuntz, Joining them on the mainstage is a fusion of noise, funk, psychedelia and electronics. appaloosagranite post rock trauma And indie rock made in bologna dei Chatur Chowkwhile on AltArea comes live immediately between electronics and IDM dei Teacher and the immersive and visceral electronic sound of the former.

Friday 14 July Comes the unmistakable and refined sound of the historic Milanese band casino Royale, And then space for an intergalactic, energetic and subversive sonic mix between English rave and post rock will befor a sonic and sensory journey of Stone with his album music, for the reforms of XYZ Style, However, in the second phase the heavy party log out sound system and improvement of drums John Iacovella.

Saturday 15 July are the distinguished guests of the festival Thurston Moore Group, alt-rock legend and iconic former guitarist and founder of Sonic Youth’s band. and then experimental rock Jamie Stewart Did Ziu Ziu, mix of power pop and punk rock bye yes daddy yes and instrumental journey anna bullock, Instead AltrArea hosts energy from hard-core roots define chris and electronic experiments of marginal force,

eventually Sunday 16 July stage of disorder. welcomes another group making history on the local independent scene, 24 gritWith an eclectic flare that embraces afrobeat, spiritual jazz, salsa, Mediterranean melodies, psychedelic drifts and library music rhabdomantic orchestra, music for images Lamp and Electronic/Nu Jazz Sax and Drum Duo thread of existence, In the second stage, the avant-garde Neapolitan pair retina.it and a fusion of beatbox, dark and cinematic electronics and traditional instrumentation Kyoto LP,

We are against the tide, we are anarchists, we are against inequalities, for freedom of speech and gender, for social revolution, we are against disorder. Announcement of the organizers. Let’s read Emma Goldman and Alfredo Cospito’s letters from prison. Come listen to Penis Envy’s Crass and Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. We admire Svetlana Boym’s actions and Fitzgerald’s dreams. We are the generation we are, in this present void, and we want to go back to our future.

In line with this thinking is also the choice of a new place where the festival will take place: in fact, from Paestum we proceed Citra Olive Grove, From the valley and the sea, disorder. goes up the river Celle and arrives in the mountains, in a border area between Cilento and Irpinia, in a village that dates back to the year 1000.

Thanks for the support, except for the music marquise market A Vintage Market/Vinyl/Artistic Expo area will be set up. Also the festival offers the possibility to walk along for free art methodsA journey among the contemporary works of art inside the Oliveto Citra/ Borgo della Regina (https://www.borgodellaregina.it/) and story telling walls (https://www.oliveto-citra-diegema.it/), while admiring the street art works scattered around the village.

Disorder this year too. then renews partnership with lomography throw adouble competition lomomotion: Gives first three participants a chance to win a gadgetdisorder lomo and entrance and shirt; The second provides admission for the entire duration of the festival and a lomography camera with which the festival can be documented in analog, with access to all areas of the festival. For more information: https://www.lomography.it/competitions/3585-lomography-x-disorder-controcorrente

Too deslab is the partner of this new edition, and has organized a competition for which the winner – chosen out of four from more than 440 participants from all over Italy – will be able to print and distribute their disc.

context reality of independent cultures, disorder. In its name lays the guiding sense of its identity, moving away from pre-packaged attitudes towards something monothematic: disorder is a creative act and wealth, it is the plurality of artistic languages, the same that over the years make it a national The most enterprising festival on the scene.

disorder. is organized by macro studio in collaboration with Municipality of Olvito Citra And Selle d’Oro Mezzogiorno Award.

disorder.eleventh editioncounter current

13 — 16 July 2023 Oliveto Citra / Salerno


Thursday 13 Julymain stage

marlin kuntz



Chatur Chowk

other areas

Teacher the former

Friday 14 Julymain stagecasino Royale

will beStoneXYZ Style

other areaslog out sound systemJohn Iacovella

Saturday 15 Julymain stageThurston Moore GroupJamie Stewart / XIU XIUyes daddy yesanna bullock

other areasdefine chrismarginal force

Sunday 16 Julymain stage24 gritrhabdomantic orchestraLampthread of existence

other areas

retina.itKyoto LP


Full Festival Pass: €35 + DPSubscribe on PostoRiserato.it: https://bit.ly/3Xv9vYM

Thursday 13 July: €10 + DPTicket on PostoRiserato.it: https://bit.ly/42×2inx

Friday 14 July: €10 + DPTickets on PostoRiserato.it: https://bit.ly/43uCkbn

Saturday 15 July: €10 + DPTickets on Posteriservato.it: https://bit.ly/42SBvZQ

Sunday 16 July: €10 + DPTickets on Posteriservato.it: https://bit.ly/3ByP3he

Informationorganizationdisorder@gmail.comCamping: campingdisorder@gmail.com Tel. +39 3274977630


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