District Hospital’Lic. ISSSTE’s Adolfo López Mateos strengthens its surgical capabilities

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As part of a medical unit equipment strategy National Institute for Staff Safety and Social Services (ISSSTE) Across the country, two cutting-edge surgical teams have been transported to “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” Regional Hospital. The goal is to use own resources to improve health services for beneficiaries.

Hospital Director Felix Octavio Martinez Alcalásupervise delivery craniotomy, a specialized device used to open small parts of the skull to gain access to the brain, and a microdebrider used in endoscopic nose and sinus surgery. These teams will undoubtedly improve the care provided to those requiring specialized surgical treatment.

Adolfo López Mateos Hospital receives 50 devices

Martínez Alcalá pointed out that these systems were added to the 50 devices received by the hospital during the year, enhancing the tertiary hospital’s solution capabilities. The benefit reaches approximately 1 million beneficiaries in southern Mexico City, the metropolitan area, and the states of Morelos and Guerrero. In addition, the hospital serves patients from across the country as needed.

The Director highlighted the efforts made by Director General Issste, Pedro Centeno Santaeraexpressed gratitude for the support, saying the investment was unprecedented in the past 20 years and made patient care easier.

In the hospital’s disinfection equipment center, Martinez Alcala Witness the opening and delivery of minimally invasive surgical machines to nursing leaders and medical professionals Otolaryngology Services, in perfect working order. He immediately instructed it to debug and arrange surgical treatment for the member.

System designed for endoscopic surgery

José Roberto Ríos Nava, Head of the Otolaryngology Service, explains that the system is designed for minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and helps reduce the risk of injury to delicate structures such as paranasal sinuses. It is also used to remove polyps or tumors and to treat complications of chronic sinusitis.

About Craniotome, Neurosurgeon Octavio Antonio Salazar Castillo It is mentioned that this is an advanced Swiss technology device that can save time during neurosurgery. The high-speed equipment and special saw can provide faster access to brain lesions in the skull, benefiting patients with hematomas, tumors and other conditions.

The hospital director, accompanied by José Manuel Olán Gil, Vice-President for Administration, made a supervisory visit to the Radiology and Imaging Departments, underlining the recent acquisition of cutting-edge technological tools that thoroughly Changes in care for radiology and imaging beneficiaries. international association for social science and technology education. These include a 1.5 Tesla MRI and a state-of-the-art 128-slice tomography scanner that enable accurate, efficient diagnosis in less time, improving care for more patients.

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