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Divertidisímas! Hailey Bieber is intimate with Addison Rae in the new chapter of her YouTube channel

UNITED STATES.- Hailey Bieber has been very focused on its new channel YouTube, so every week it releases a new episode. Through his Instagram account, he had already anticipated what today’s chapter would be about. This new edition of the segment “Who’s in My Bathroom?” will feature Addison Rae, the famous tiktoker, as a special guest.

On their Instagram stories, Hailey Bieber he announced that in this video, both celebrities would do a sandwich tasting. This chapter is recorded from the large bathroom of his house, where he presents a table with all the ingredients to prepare a large sandwhich. In principle, the American model begins by interviewing Addison, who tells her about her personal life in her childhood.

Then, the two celebrities begin to prepare this meal, each on their own, while chatting about their guest’s great success in TikTok. In addition to interviewing the celebrity, Hailey Bieber she was very funny during this conversation. This video was recorded this past Sunday, at 11 a.m., at Hailey’s house, where she lives with her husband. Justin Bieber.

Instagram: @haileybieber

In addition to having fun putting together their own sandwiches, they also prepared ice cream for dessert. The dynamic of this segment of the program is about continuing to talk about personal issues, while eating lunch and dessert together. As in all her videos, she also chooses a game to have fun with her guest; in this case it is “Shoot or true”. This consists of throwing a ball into the hoop, and then answering a question.

Finally, he revealed that the celebrity who was in his bathroom was the rapper”The Kid Laroi”, who has a collaboration with Justin Bieber on his latest album. However, her guest did not guess. This latest edition of “Who’s in My Bathroom?” with Addison Rae, reached over 90,000 views in three hours. In addition, both celebrities advertised this espisodio in their accounts of Instagram.

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