Divinity, Bella Thorne and the price of immortality in the new trailer

Bella Thorne reappears in the new black-and-white trailer for sci-fi film Divinity on her quest for immortality.

Bella Thorne appears again in new trailer black and white authorship Divinityscience fiction film, which premiered in Sundance Film Festival and which is set to hit theaters (at least in the US) on October 13, 2023, unless the schedule changes at the last minute. In fact, due to the ongoing strike in Hollywood, several upcoming films have chosen to delay their theatrical releases while waiting for things to calm down. World premiering in the NEXT section of the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, Divinity also features the lead cast and producers. Stephen Dorff.

Divinity, new trailer for sci-fi film starring Bella Thorne

Script writer and director Eddie AlcazarDivinity takes place in an alternate world whose main focus is on… search for immortality, a goal pursued by scientist Sperling Pierce, who is willing to do anything to complete this mission. In fact it creates innovative serum, called Divinity, realizing his life purpose. His son, Jackson Pierce, took over the production of the serum, but society was corrupted by the use of this substance, the origin of which is unknown. The situation becomes even more complicated when the two brothers, with the help of Nikita, kidnap Jackson. Their goal is to get closer to true immortality, but at what cost? To complete the composition of Divnity we find Moises Arias, Kaylee Cowan, Danielia Maximilian, Michael O’Hearn, Jason Genao, Emily Willis, Sawyer Jones, Elisha Herbert, Chris Santos, Mallory Saki, Lydia Bilen, Moses Jackson, Dean Norris Jr., Tyler Prince. About the film Eddie Alcazar said:

It talks about life, death and rebirth: these are the main themes. Divinity allows people to become practically immortal, at least physically. But the work is still ongoing, the mental aspect is not yet fully understood. So, over time, the mind degrades, but physically everyone is capable. Another side effect is that when taking this substance it is impossible to reproduce, so those who use it have to decide whether to live forever or have a child.

In fact, the date chosen by Divinity looks rather turbulent in the eyes of competitors, since it coincides with the release of the concert film Taylor Swift Eras Tour. For this reason, many films chose to postpone or postpone their release, because Exorcist – Believer which he postponed to October 6, or even further What happens later Meg Ryan and Ordinary angels who delayed their big screen debut. In any case, Divinity has not yet set a release date in Italy.

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