DLC is necessary for those who want to compete

There are two types of users who can’t help but spend the 35 euros required to get the DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – The Treasure of Area Zero: those who are madly in love with the Paldea region (and want to learn something more about this phenomenon). teracrystallization) and who has competitive ambitions. For the former, this additional content will provide new Pokemon, a traditional Japanese festival theme, seven or eight hours of narrative content, and even some fun mini-games. This will give the latter the opportunity to add a Pokemon to their team, which on paper will be indispensable in the next competition; but let’s take it in order.

First, a quick warning: all wild Pokemon in this area start at level 60, so make sure you have a team capable of fighting battles on this difficulty level. The land you’re about to visit in the first part of Treasures of Area Zero is called Nordivia and is also an open world (smaller than Paldea) inspired by the islands off the coast of Japan, where folklore takes a leading position in society. Here, as you explore and battle your Pokémon, you’ll explore the three Beniamichis, three legendary Pokémon (unfortunately not very powerful) at the center of an ancient tale whose enemy is an ogre. We don’t want to spoil anything for you because the story is short but still interesting. However, if you were expecting a departure from the base game’s development pattern or a clear improvement in performance, you’ll be disappointed on that front.

They will become your companions on your school trip. Stealdisrespectful and arrogant Riben, a boy who at first glance is as shy as he is cheerful when you meet him. Professor Ree will then explain the starting point and then give you the opportunity to explore the island and unravel its mysteries. You’ll get selfie stick to take even more photos and many new settings. With this expansion, Game Freak didn’t reinvent the wheel, but added more pieces to the puzzle, which managed to win over many fans of the series at the cost of leaving a few others behind.

If you’re a fan of competitive Pokémon, this DLC includes a long and (sometimes) boring side mission that rewards you with a war machine that’s sure to become part of the competitive meta: Ursaluna Bloodmoon. To get this Pokemon, you will have to complete the mission that will be offered to you Perrin, photographer visiting the region. If you’ve played Arceus Legends, you’ll recognize this character’s subtle resemblance to an NPC from that mythical past, and as if that weren’t enough, his Pokémon companion is Growlithe Hisui. His quest will ask you to find him first. 150 Pokemon in your Nordivian Pokédex, a goal that, if you’ve already played the base game, shouldn’t take you more than three or four hours to explore and level up. It’s boring unless you’re a mission completionist who wants to unlock all the Pokédex entries, but it’s worth it because once completed you can start the second phase of the mission.

Perrin will ask you to follow her and take pictures of different Pokemon with her. After some time, you will have the opportunity to meet Ursaluna Bloodmoon and add him to your team. This Pokemon is a true war machine as it specializes in special attacks rather than physical attacks (like its counterpart Hisui). He has a unique move called Blood Moon deals 140 damage and has 100% accuracy, but cannot be used twice in a row. However, it is his abilities that make him invaluable in competition: they allow him to completely ignore changes to his dodge stats, making moves like double-teaming completely ineffective. More does not tolerate loss of accuracy and can hit Ghost-type Pokémon, something a handheld Fighting-type monster usually can’t do. Such a valuable resource seems like a fair reward for the hours invested, and we will definitely see Bloodmoon Ursaluna on the teams of the next eSports championships.

– Riccardo Lishene

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